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Ice augers!

12/16/15 @ 12:37 AM
User since 12/9/15
Alright I need to get an ice auger this year. I would like to keep it under 500$ if possible. What is the best or better company/ies that make ice augers. I know and have seen some real old jiffy augers that are still being used today. And I noticed the strike masters have Honda engines on them. But I really don't know much about them and never owned one.

Few of my buddies have propane augers, but I don't think I would really want one

I think I'm leaning more towards gas powered ones, but 2 or 4 stroke??

Wondering what experiences you guys have with augers or which ones you use/like. Thanks, Jakoby

12/28/15 @ 7:50 PM
stl ken
User since 2/22/10
I'm New to ice fishing and the only auger I've used is the ION battery. It works great. Last year I would drill 20 holes through 18" + of ice with no noticeable power drop. No gas leaks and no ropes to pull. Starts first time every time.

12/28/15 @ 7:23 PM
MEMBER since 2/16/04
It sounds like you're ready to invest. If you change your mind, get a 5-6 inch lazer hand auger. I started with a hand auger and caught fish. Now I'm glad I have both, because the hand auger still works so well with the early ice. The new power augers are nice and light too (and I'm not talking electric). Make sure you try lifting it up, see what jumps out at you. I picked the lightest weight gas auger at the time and I'm glad I did.

12/28/15 @ 2:03 PM
User since 1/22/15
Power augers are 10 times better than manual augers. Spend less time drilling and more time fishing. I'd go with a power auger. Just my opinion.

12/28/15 @ 1:39 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12
It is the Ford/Dodge/Chevy deal, they are all good in one fashion or another.

The older Jiffy's are better than the newer Jiffy's (in my opinion), I have owned and used both.

The newer Strikemasters are better than the older Strikemasters again in my opinion, I have owned and used both.

The Eskimo Propane is a sweet machine, I know that you were leaning away from Propane, however: The Eskimo Propane motor was designed from the ground up as a propane motor. When you convert a gas motor to propane as in what Jiffy did, you lose about 25% of your horsepower. Propane burns hotter than gasoline, a converted motor runs the risk of meltdowns. The Eskimo is a High Compression, High Output lightweight 40cc propane auger. It has steel handles, stainless steel gears and ball bearings in the transmission, not bushings. The Eskimo auger has the Quantum cutting system which is the best auger there is for re-drilling old holes. Propane has virtually no exhaust, no gas and oil to mix, and you don't have to winterize your motor in the spring. You can leave the propane tank attached to your auger, hang it up in the spring, and pull it down again in the fall. I can tell you that at the recent ice fishing shows, Propane Eskimo Augers were outselling others 5 to 1. And they can be had for right around $400.

12/28/15 @ 1:06 PM
The Fishinnut
The Fishinnut
User since 8/11/10
I have 3 augers and are...

1.Jiffy Pro4 with 8" and 10" runs great just to dang heavy.

2.SM 8" laser mag great auger does what it should.

3.Nils 8" light weight and ice eating machine as long as you take care of the head(blades)

12/28/15 @ 10:27 AM
Brian Hammarsten
User since 4/5/10
I would go with and have stuck with Strikemaster for years. Are you drilling holes in a wheel house or are you drilling house outside? How many hole do you plan to drill when you go out fishing?

If you are going to drill lots of holes outside then a lightweight 2 stroke auger is the best way to go. I Have the Strikemaster Laser Pro 3hp for that.

If you are going to drill just a handful of 8" holes, electric augers (Like the Electra) work great.

For drilling larger 10" in my ice castle I have a big volt electric.

I have not tried any of the ion battery augers yet. They have more power than a standard battery but I am not sure how well they hold a charge in really cold weather.

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12/19/15 @ 12:52 AM
User since 4/22/15
If I were to buy a new one I would definitely go propane

12/19/15 @ 12:28 AM
User since 4/27/08
Been running my Strikemaster 3hp lazer pro for 3 years now and love it. Lightweight and easy for me to lug around. Clam makes a auger that is built by the same company as the one who builds Strikemaster.

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