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Have you ever lost your enthusiasm for fishing?

6/28/19 @ 5:36 PM
User since 4/2/02

It's weird. In my 20s, I'd fish anytime I could. Multiple days in a row. Middle of a hot summer day....freezing cold fall weather....Never got tired of it. Now, in my 40s, I still enjoy fishing, but I can go weeks without fishing and it's not a big deal. I'm not depressed. I just enjoy other things in life at this stage. I still love to ice fish as much as I can. But, being in the boat in the summertime or casting along a river just doesn't appeal to me as much as it used to. Anyone else experience this? Does the appeal to fish come back? Kind of never thought I'd get to this point and I'm actually totally ok with it. 

7/30/19 @ 1:38 PM
MEMBER since 2/16/04

I never had much patience for fishing in my youth. Dragged along by friends, I was never more bored in my life. Now I'm a dedicated weekend warrior taking turns in the boat with my fishing bud P.K. Winter ice fishing is the same fun drill. I can't imagine what it would be like to try and go pro like Ulbian did. It would take a lot of the fun out of it for sure. I get the same thrill catching a nice walleye in a river from shore as trolling in a boat, so I feel sorry for those who are boat deprived or have given up fishing for that reason. I can still get my fix hitting the rivers or docks close to home when weather or commitments makes it tough. I've done long multiple shifts fishing but find a "Gilligan's 3 hour cruise" just as nice if the fish are biting. I think my enthusiasm is still on the up swing. Maybe fishing lake Michigan the next months will slap me down a bit. Can't wait.

7/9/19 @ 11:41 AM
User since 2/18/08

I recently came back after about 10 years of not fishing at all. I totally lost interest for a couple of reasons depression was one of the biggest reasons. Finally got the itch after having some TMS treatments this past spring. I have been fishing like a mad man since April. I’m now thinking about getting my boat out of mothballs. 

7/6/19 @ 2:18 PM
MEMBER since 6/1/02

I'm with JB.  Hate holidays and all the lake commotion it brings.  I get asked all the time if I am or did fish opening day.  Nope.  Its like New Years Eve, way too many chuckleheads out there and the launches are a nightmare.  An exception would be Winnebago.  I have lost enthusiasm over the years for some things.  I used to fish musky a lot but now maybe once a year.  Its a lot of work for the payoff.  You have to have the right partner as well.  I am also kind of a wuss on weather.  East wind and cold front?  Pass.  Really windy? Pass.  As I have gotten older I prefer fishing panfish, especially with kids or newbies.  Its fun and I love watching others catch fish with me.

Nuff said.

7/5/19 @ 10:16 PM
User since 3/17/06

I hate fishing lakes on holidays. For many years now, I just party with friends and family, or if I do fish,  it's on a small river in a kayak or wading up a remote trout stream

7/5/19 @ 6:54 PM
User since 3/26/15

No I have not and I never will. That being said I haven’t been out for a month and daddy needs more walleye. 

7/5/19 @ 1:42 PM
User since 12/22/04

Yesterday was horrible on what I considered a calm lake.  July 2nd had two boats beside me, July 4th there were like 60

7/4/19 @ 11:36 PM
User since 1/17/12
I know for sure my enthusiasm for fishing ANY holiday weekend anymore is non existent, at least on the lakes I fish. My neighbor had his pontoon out today and told me tonight, "wasnt that bad out there, you should have fished today." I replied to him, I have no wife, family, or real responsibilities other than mundane everyday stuff, and with my work schedule I can fish every afternoon and any weekend I want, why the hell would I want to put my boat in the water today and put myself through that?

7/4/19 @ 10:38 PM
User since 7/21/05

When I was young I fished every chance I could. Never had a boat in our family. I never really lost it. I guess late teens to early 20's I didn't look as hard for opportunities but now that I'm older and have my own boat. I try to make sure my kids or  anyone with me catches fish more than I worry about catching fish myself. I still have a hard time being at work when I know a good bite is going on so I guess I never really lost it.

7/4/19 @ 9:46 PM
User since 6/16/08

I have never lost my enthusiasm to fish. Some things do affect it though. Change in work hours. Fishing the Mississippi when it's not flooded after every rainfall, including what comes from Up North. That's when I go "back home" up North and fish lakes. The weather-not a fan of hot and humid. I love ice fishing; when the river has questionabe ice conditions I go North where thickness is more consistent.

I guess having options keeps me interested and motivated.

7/4/19 @ 6:28 AM
User since 2/7/06

It has never crossed my mind.  When fishing is slow, hot, freezing cold, o wind, thunderstorms, and anything else bad,  I always think to myself that I could be working!!!

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