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7/20/15 @ 7:03 PM
User since 1/30/11
I have been reading fishing reports of the lakes and Flowages of my interest . Since I joined Lake Links . I think this site is wonder full you can learn and laugh and enjoy . I have noticed one thing about the fishing reports ; 90% of them are from Fishing guides / Charter Captains . Dont get me wrong but Talking to the average fisherman they are not having the same catches . My Wife and I listened to these Posts and planed a Vacation around info from these Posts only to find that the fishing was not what it was said to be . People we met on our last trip even hired a Guide with not much to talk about . They left there stay 2 days early , Not Happy We shared the same concern . I do not live on a lake or make my money on a lake . I am not blaming the Guide or Captain this is the living of there choosing . May be our lakes are not managed right and only the fisherman who has all the time to find them does not agree with me . I used to go to Lake Erie 80s -90s Catching fish was not that hard you left thinking that you were a good fisherman . You leave some of our lake thinking about selling your stuff . Resorts and gas stations and resturants and on and on and on are going out of buisness . My thinking is maybe these guides and captains who are making there living on the water need to be our voices and and get some body to change the way our lakes are managed so us regular fisherman can catch and enjoy . This can only help those small towns and Resorts and on and on . Maybe all those Family Buisness can survive Concerned Fisherman Pete

10/17/15 @ 10:31 AM
Brad Durick
User since 3/31/16
Being fairly new to the site I am just going back and reading what people have thought and this one topic is amazing with its takes on many different issues.

On your initial topic, Every state has some issues with management. I am not saying what you are referring to is right or wrong but no matter where you go there are debacles. Just look at the walleye disaster that is Mil Lacs in MN. I think one of the big reasons my Red River catfish are so good is because there is very little management that takes place. Nature sort of runs it course for the most part.

The reports put up by guides and resorts etc are part of the promotion plan and why would a professional guide want to say fishing is not good? I'll tell you why. Because if you as a professional are struggling and say it is great that makes you look stupid. I am one of the few that I know that will send out a weekly report that FISHING SUCKS. I hate to do it but the honesty is the best policy. I try to give the best tips to make it work I can. I hope I am hitting the nail on the head as far as what is helping catch fish during the tough time. I have figured out over the years that crappy fishing for me is sometimes good fishing for average angler. Point is just say it how it is.

The guiding issue that popped up in this is really intriguing to me as guiding is my living. Most of what the guides have said it is true. Most guides do their best to put fish in the boat and show the guests a great time. Some days don't always work out as planned but we are in the entertainment business and the entertainment is to catch a creature of nature that doesn't always see things the way we see them. With that said not all guides are created equally. I like fishing with guides from other parts of the country to see what they have to offer and see if I can improve on anything. I have been with some excellent guides and some guides that really should have found another profession. Nature and the market usually takes care of that over time.

Lastly one of the comments said this: I'm consistently amazed at the number of fishermen that balk at things that would improve their skills, and almost always for ridiculous reasons, like, this is the way I do it, or have done it (and I'm used to it) for years. (I am sorry I didn't repeat the name for credit here.) This is a topic that just blows me away. I knew it existed but until I released my book about advanced channel catfish patterns I had no idea. People went out of their way to tell me that that know everything they need or a catfish is just a stupid fish how hard can it be. That is pretty defeating when you just got done with three years of experience and writing of a book to hear. In the end I know that my efforts to make people better at fishing have worked because other people tell me the methods do work and because as the research goes on my catches are continuing to improve as I keep researching and expanding on the knowledge base of fishing.

I am sorry for the super long post that is 4 subjects long but it is a great thread. Please please just enjoy fishing and take it for the memory good or bad. That is the name of the game here.

Brad Durick Outdoors LLC
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7/26/15 @ 10:49 AM
User since 1/30/11
I have a good freind that is a retired pro fisherman . He made a good living at it won many turneys he fished with all the big guy s Linders Tagasake On and On 70s through 2000 He is retired now . He agrees with some of my opinions not all . Pardon my spelling . Pete

7/25/15 @ 8:18 PM
User since 2/1/06
Its all too common of a problem Scott.

On other sites pertaining to other hobbies, the goal for the majority is never-ending improvement....with fishing you get that in about 10% of the people, hence the old (and true) adage that 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish.

I'm consistently amazed at the number of fishermen that balk at things that would improve their skills, and almost always for ridiculous reasons, like, this is the way I do it, or have done it (and I'm used to it) for years. Baffling, but at least it keeps the guide businesses busy.

7/25/15 @ 7:44 PM
Scott F
User since 6/12/10
It's a shame that instead of accepting the fact that you aren't a good fisherman and work to improve your skills that you blame the DNR for mismanagement.

7/21/15 @ 9:20 AM
User since 12/6/10
There is only so much bio mass available on Lake Michigan, if you want more stocking then get ready to have an 8lb fish be considered a dig fish. There is so much natural reproduction on the lake now that it must be hard to figure out numbers to stock, the USFW have been at our cleaning station just about every weekends surveying the fish that have been caught. They're not just taking numbers, they're taking the heads and some internal parts to research.

Up north theres so many things that come into play. Like lakeshiner said deer numbers don't help the businesses. Spearing doesn't help the fishing or the businesses. Small gas stations are closing all over, even in minnesota because people are choosing to go to big stations like Kwik trips.

7/21/15 @ 8:15 AM
User since 7/20/09
I sort of agree with slipery. Of course when you say 'up north' you are talking a broad area. But by my place, we have an old map of the area and all the businesses from 1990. Half of them exist today. Why did they all go under? Well less people mostly. Why is that? Maybe the fishing isn't as good as it used to be? That is what the locals say anyway that I talk to. Of course the lack of deer hurts them too, number of hunters has dwindled.

Now I catch a lot of fish on our chain, but I go up a lot and know where to go. Like a guide who fishes a body of water a lot would know where to go. But the guys who come up for just a weekend a year and don't learn a lake, there probably is not a fish behind every rock like in years past. If they come up and don't do well, they probably will go somewhere else next year.

I would never say fish numbers and size are as good as 20 years ago overall. Sure some lakes hold their own. After the internet and advanced electronics though, people find them easier and quicker.

I really have no problem with guides other than when they keep their own limit of fish to give to their clients on a daily basis. That one boat really takes a lot of fish from a lake. You hear about people grumbling about breaking possession limits, but in terms of the number of fish removed from a system, its really the same thing. They just don't keep them so they are doing it legally, whereas others put them all in the freezer. Same end result.

7/21/15 @ 7:34 AM
User since 1/30/11
I understand what you guys are saying . My concern is that our lakes are being MISS MANAGED . I am seeing it in southern lake Michigan . 75% of the fishing buisness appears to be in the central to southern end . We have the DNR cut back on Stocking and the results are showing up all ready . Less Catches / Cancellations on charters / Hotels /Shopping / On and On . Minnesota seams to have a handle on it , Canada / Dakotas . What are we doing . Northern Wisconsin is just as wonder full as those . I read many posts on Lake Winnabago of concern of smaller fish . Seams like 3 years ago it was walleye wonderland . Fishing during the spawn cant be helping , and I am sure that the spearing in the northern counties is not helping . The southern counties seam to be having issue with farm run off . as does Erie . The counties in the north have the least issue . I maybe just making some thing out off nothing . Not catching a lot of fish is not a big thing to me . I gone on more fishing trips in my time and and had not much to show for it . My concern is local Bussines is being wiped out in the north . This means to me that people just dont seam to have a reason to come . Guides / Captains / Profesional fisherman in General need to be the voices of our Resources These are just some of my observations Thanks Pete .

7/21/15 @ 7:32 AM
MEMBER since 7/9/12
I think we get lots of reports from non-guides. But, if the guides are doing well, it is just saying your potential is there if you are trying as many different things as the guides do. They also know that at certain types of conditions, certain things work. It's all about experience. I don't see a problem at all.

7/20/15 @ 10:26 PM
Brody McWilliams
User since 5/7/15
Not going to rant, but you can never guarantee a bunch of fish, it's why it is called fishing, not catching. Granted there are certain bodies of water that are going to be better than others a lot of the time and that has is a huge factor too. Take Lake Eerie or St Clair or northern Lake Michigan for example. About 90% of the time those fisheries are going to better than pretty much anywhere in the Indiana region in terms of fish caught and what not. But that doesn't take away from the experience of fishing certain bodies of water and learning about them and how to become a better overall fisherman. It's not all about catching the most fish possible.

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7/20/15 @ 9:54 PM
Ed Franko
User since 5/6/15
Wellllll One of the things that you have to realize is. We fish with all different skill levels of fisherman. One day we might luck out and have some very good fisherman and bang them good. Other days well lets put it this way it can be a challenge. The biggest thing that you have to remember it is the experience that they are getting into. If a person simply judges the trip with the amount of fish they catch . Well they are missing the boat.. Oh don't get me wrong I want people to catch fish. However people that don't fish a bunch expect to hire a guide and simply go out and catch every big fish in the lake. One on every cast and so many of them the lake would go down if you kept them all. Wrong! Guides can take you to spots that have been good in the past. We cannot make them bite. Dang I sure wish we could. I pride myself in instructional fishing I try to teach people why and how to make them better fisherman, Now don't get me wrong I learn from all of them too. I do work on the conservation of fishing in my lake I am 100% catch and release on all bass.I tell everyone that when they book the trip and before we go out in the morning. No exceptions! You want to keep bass then go by yourself and good luck to you. I only keep crappie in the winter and spring. Off my soap box now. Guide trips are great when they work out. But when the fish have lockjaw well it can be trying. Or when a client steps on your rods and breaks them Three last week! the best thing is we get to fish daily and meet lots of people Life is good when you live on the lake.

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