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Fishing when season is closed

4/13/15 @ 9:35 AM
User since 4/13/15
Hello Quick question

Is it legal in Wisconsin to fish for a species of fish while the season is closed but if a fish is caught it is thrown back. I have seen quite a few bass fisherman fishing and I know the bass season is closed at this time on the body of water that I have seen them.

Just curious!


4/24/15 @ 5:28 AM
pike eyes
User since 12/28/10
I fish with my tip-ups and fatheads for perch long after game fishing is closed, have had several people question me, and told them what I was doing. even had a warden come check me. He looked at all my set ups and told me to just make sure if I were to get a game fish that I was to release it immediately long as your not fishing intentionally for game fish your fine

4/20/15 @ 9:50 AM
User since 4/13/15
Thanks guys.

I was referring to Shawano Lake and I know the season is closed. Sure looks like they are bass fishing to me with there trolling motor down chucking big baits. Thanks again for the replys

4/14/15 @ 1:44 PM
Cold Front
User since 7/9/01
Mineral deficiency?Mrt

4/14/15 @ 1:43 PM
Cold Front
User since 7/9/01
Bad personal hygiene? Mrt.

4/14/15 @ 12:20 PM
User since 3/13/02
CDS, I pick my nose whether I'm lying or not. And I am in fact a trained LEO. How can you explain that?

4/14/15 @ 12:06 PM
User since 2/15/10
depends what body of water you are on. pretty much every body of water i fish is open year round for game fish accept musky

4/13/15 @ 2:08 PM
User since 10/17/04
Sometimes its blatantly obvious though. Years ago I launched at the public launch one April on wind lake for crappie. I believe it was a weekday. A guy pulled up and started chucking a buzzbait from shore. I told him very nicely that the season was closed for gamefish before pushing off. He ignored me rather arrogantly. I fished the outside weededge close to the launch throwing 1/8 tubes. Got a few crappie even. The warden showed up in 30 minutes.... Got to watch that for 10 minutes. Then went across the lake.

4/13/15 @ 1:52 PM
ol sarge
ol sarge
User since 3/8/04
I caught my largest bass ever in April one year while fishing for bluegills with a piece of night crawler and a bobber. I threw him right back. You can not legally target bass during closed season and if you do happen to catch one, you must immediately release it or be in violation of the law.

4/13/15 @ 1:32 PM
User since 4/9/03
Be careful on if they are bass fishing. I do lot of crappie fishing this time of year. I never use minnows. I am always casting. I use small spinners and jigs or jig and a grub. Course I might catch a few fish that are in close season but you can do that with a minnow. I have been turned in more than once by other fisherman. Never had issue when the wardens make a special trip out to me. People ask me when I tell them I got checked again why I fish that way, and cause myself the hastle. It's the only way I like to panfish. I do it all open water season.

edit: I wish I had a dollar for every time a fisherman told me bass season is closed. I also make sure I have nothing in the boat that could be considered a bass lure.

4/13/15 @ 9:46 AM
User since 10/2/05
Closed is closed. You cannot target any species when the season for them is closed. If you see people fishing for closed species, call the DNR tip line.

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