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4/21/14 @ 11:00 PM
User since 4/18/12
OK Fellas, heres the deal. Once upon a time I fished muskies ALOT and used gamefish attractant religiously. I always did very well chasing muskies but as time went by I got older and a little more banged up and switched to a more civilized and much more gentle species of fish. Since then I haven't really used fish attractants.

Now for my question. Ive seen a lot of different products in the attractant area and was curious if any of you anglers use them. Keep in mind im looking for general type scents. For use fishing walleyes bass even panfish I guess. Is it worth the chits to grab a bottle or is it just a phantom concept all in itself?

Thanks for any info you might provide. Please exclude catfish attractants. I have that one covered, I make my own..

Thanks Cronk

Be safe and Good fishin!!!!!!

4/16/17 @ 9:34 PM
Water Dog
User since 6/18/01

A little WD-40 works great and a bounus is helps keeps the hooks from rusting. No BS!

4/16/17 @ 7:25 PM
beachcomber II
User since 12/7/13

i consistently outfished my buddys fishing perch next to me or around me last summer using pieces of crawlers deadsticking. so were using same hooks same bait but they never see me dip the worm in ice cream pail with panfish sent on it . i always figure it cant hurt and am sure at times it makes a differance.

4/16/17 @ 5:50 AM
Grey Beard
User since 1/27/02

 I use Kickin  Walleye especially in  Cold water. I am not sure how much it helps but convinced it doesn't hurt. Many times over the years I have had walleye  take the first cast after applying this scent. This stuff really sticks to plastics as I can still smell it a couple of hours after applying it. If I can smell it I'm sure the fish can.

 One day fishing the Mississippi and catching lots of walleye and sauger below Genoa dam my brother and I were neck and neck with about 20 apiece when fishing slowed. Then he rallied and caught the next eight. He admitted he started using the scent. We had on the exact same jig and plastic colors so the only difference was the scent. I have also had days when plastics that come with Anise scent  seemed to out produce the same color unscented.

West coast salmon fishermen are much more vigilant about scent.  Some scrub their hands with toothpaste and others wear rubber  gloves before handling baits.  They wrap herring strips on hard baits, use hollow cavity baits filled with tuna and garlic and many smear various Pro Cure scents on their lures. I use a lot of Brad's cut plugs with garlic roasted tuna in oil and convinced it helps when fishing is slow.

 I read an interesting article about a study done by Jason Halfen using Trigger X. He demonstrated that fish held onto scented plastics longer than unscented. I'm sure there's a chance he has a bias but I  think there is a lot more to be learned about using scents for fishing.

Grey Beard

4/14/17 @ 4:31 PM
perch chaser
User since 2/6/03

I've been pouring and injecting plastics for quite a few years now and scenting is the only way to go, especially for pan fish if you don't want to use live bait. I mix 1/2oz of PURE 100% ANISE OIL with 1 pint of worm oil. A few drops in a small ziploc bag with some of your favorite pan fish plastic will do wonders. You can get the worm oil  at Lure Craft or other tackle component stores. Pure anise is a little harder to come by, check around at some of the local pharmacy,  if they have any it usually comes in 1oz bottles.

4/14/17 @ 3:18 PM
User since 9/27/01

I bought a bottle of Dr Juice Tournament Walleye attractant last summer after talking to a couple of seasoned walleye anglers.  Their take on attractants was that they weren't so convinced that the stuff drew fish in but rather that it eliminated any human or petroleum scents that could get on baits during handling.  I'm still on the fence on whether or not attractants help but was wondering how long people keep a bottle before throwing it out.  It's basically fish oil with additives so it can go rancid after a while.

I kept my bottle in the frig last summer during hot weather and that's where I stored it over winter.  It doesn't smell like lacquer so I think it's still good but wanted to see how long others hold onto it.

3/13/15 @ 11:21 PM
User since 6/17/11
Long ago it seemed to me that using MegaStrike resulted in more largemouths, but that was back when I still smoked cigarettes, so maybe it's petrolatum base was blocking the smoking stench...Sad

I have a lot of success with Powerbait plastics, which have scent molded into the material, but I haven't had any notably improved catches using applied Powerbait scents (or any other kind of scent) in freshwater! In cold saltwater, for some species I've really noticed significant positive effects from using Pro-Cure oils and gels.

Generally, I believe scents become more important in colder water, but only for those fish species that use scent significantly to feed.Smile

3/13/15 @ 9:23 PM
Gill 1774
Gill 1774
User since 6/17/03
Dr. Juice used to use it up at Winneconne walleye fishing off the bridge and always outfished others with out it and even when I used it on one line and not on the other always helped. Greasy and slimy but thats OK. Don't know if you can get it though as I haven't used it for years after I stopped going to the Wolf river due to crowds.

4/22/14 @ 8:00 PM
Carp King
User since 8/7/01
Smelly Jelly Anise. I've fished side by side with/without this dropshotting bass and carp fishing with corn and the stuff seems to work.

4/22/14 @ 8:23 AM
Foundry Rat
User since 1/21/10
I use Fish Formula Game Fish for walleyes, bass, northern and catfish. I use Fish Formula Panfish for crappies, white bass and sometimes perch. I'll use a crawfish scent for perch and catfish also. While I'm not always sure it gets more bites, I know they hang on longer and give more time to get a hook set. Especially for panfish and catfish.

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