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Finesse Jigging - Tying Braid Direct?

11/22/15 @ 8:03 AM
Marc Morrone
User since 9/3/08
Wondering - for finesse jigging - how many tie braid direct, and feel it does not affect the number of hits? Mostly walleye, but please include panfishing too.

Can you tell I am getting tired of tying mono or fluoro leaders on?

With not much open water left to test fish, any input is appreciated!

Good luck if you are on the hunt this week!

Elk River Custom Rods
(715) 339-4209
11/28/15 @ 9:26 AM
User since 9/16/01
I tie 832 direct to line when vertical jigging walleye 95%+ of the time,unless I feel the need for a flouro carbon leader in gin clear water.

Panfish,half my rigs are mono,the other braid. Do not see much difference in catch ratio either. Just less ice jig retie.

11/27/15 @ 9:43 AM
Grey Beard
User since 1/27/02
I don't think it's necessary in some conditions but I almost always use a fluoro leader. I beefed up to 12 pound 100% Berkeley because I can get out of more snags with fewer break off's. I figured if The fish can't see it then a higher diameter line shouldn't be an issue. I like the leader because I always use high visibility braid.

I use a number of knots for joining braid to fluoro. Most of the time I use a back to back Uni knot. If I'm using higher test then 12 pound I will use an Alberto knot because it is slightly smaller and does not bang the rod tip as much when casting. If I am using higher than 20 pound fluoro in salt water I use the FG knot because it is a smallest knot you can tie. It takes some time to tie though so reserve it for times when it's necessary. I encourage you to check out YouTube videos for any or all of the above knots.

Grey Beard

11/25/15 @ 2:48 PM
drummer boy
drummer boy
User since 3/14/08
When I fish verticle I use straight braid,small diameter helps keep a smaller jig straight down.When I cast shallow, I really like a mono leader about 6 to 7ft long helps slow the sink rate.I can then use a little heavier jig so I can cast a little farther,and still a slow sink.I do not fish clear water often if I did I would use more floro for leaders though.

11/25/15 @ 1:17 PM
MEMBER since 7/7/04
I tie a fluorocarbon leader the length of my rod(7') to braided line using a Uni to Uni knot. I feel that it gives my jig, or a plastic bait a more natural action in the water. It also falls faster when I'm fishing shallower objects in the water, thus keeping my lure closer to that object. I can retie my lure many times before having to replace my long leader.

11/25/15 @ 11:12 AM
Brian Hammarsten
User since 4/5/10
If the water is really clear I will tie on a flourocarbon leader. If it is stained then I will tie direct.

Roach's Guide Service
(763) 226-6656
11/24/15 @ 11:32 PM
User since 6/3/10
My experience is that flourocarbon leaders increase the number of strikes. Especially for bass.

11/24/15 @ 8:41 PM
Scott F
User since 6/12/10
I ALWAYS tie direct. I never use a leader unless it's made of steel to prevent bite offs. The makers of fluorocarbon line have done a terrific job of creating a solution where there is no problem. Fish do not have the mental capacity to link fishing line with danger.

11/24/15 @ 8:34 PM
User since 7/11/01
I always tie to barrel swivel with flouro leader for panfish. Cuts down line twist.

11/22/15 @ 3:11 PM
Steve @ G & S
User since 6/15/01
When I was actively guiding in the Rhinelander area, my partner and I always tied direct to the jig and we never noticed any drop off in hits or fish landed. We did this in stained water and in water so clear you could see the bottom in 20 feet of water.

I hate tying on leaders too...

I forgot to say we always used 8 or 10 pound PowerPro....

Formerly Steve @ G & S

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