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Favorite Fishing Picture(s)

5/8/22 @ 8:42 PM
USER SINCE 12/30/13

How about posting one of your favorite fishing pic's once a week.

I got lot's of em....... here you go, 43" pike caught on channel lake while 

musky fishing.


10/14/22 @ 10:55 AM

#3 son with a beautiful Merkle lake ( TFF  ) smallie... great markings

9/25/22 @ 7:59 AM
USER SINCE 10/9/16

Fishing with two of my best friends!

9/23/22 @ 6:37 PM
USER SINCE 12/30/13

haven't posted in a bit..... my favorite times were camping & fishing.... old man got crappie cleaning duty, couple bass, & son's PB. I got it mounted & gave to him for christmas, oldies but goodies......

9/18/22 @ 5:21 PM
USER SINCE 12/9/08

This one has a special place in my memory.  It is by no means the biggest musky I have ever caught, but the circumstances around it were pretty cool.

My son was 11 years old at the time and a chunk of our summer was spent in tournament baseball.  We had just concluded a series of baseball games one evening and it just happened to also be a great moon phase window.  Knowing that there was no way I would be able to get to one of my favorite musky waters, I told my son we were going to head home, ditch the baseball gear, grab 2 rods and a couple of musky baits and head to a spot we could cast from shore for 30 minutes.  I grabbed a needle nose pliers, but did not take my musky net.

It was getting dark fast.  About 10 casts into our little adventure a large fish inhaled my lure.  I knew it was a decent one on the hookset.  I could have kicked myself for not bringing the net as I had to hand land the fish from a fairly precarious spot on the shoreline.  I got it unhooked, took a brief measurement (45"), snapped some photos and released it.  It was a fatty.

While holding it up I could feel something running along its stomach.  When we reviewed the digital photos I could clearly see a floy-tag and a radio telemetry antennae coming from its belly.  I forwarded the pic to someone in the know and they confirmed it was a musky in their particular radio telemetry study.  The personnel involved had netted the fish a couple of weeks before I happened to catch it.  They told me its weight then was 27 lbs. 

8/17/22 @ 6:57 PM
USER SINCE 12/30/13

Dad & Brother hit a west central northern wisco. lake to go un-named..... lol.

Musky pushing 48" & my dad still getting it done at 80 years young!! way to go guys!

7/21/22 @ 6:21 AM


Europeans can dream.

7/20/22 @ 10:53 PM
Phat Walleyes
Phat Walleyes
USER SINCE 3/31/15

Back in the day is right!!!

(awesome pics GTNet & Vegas)

This one is still my favorite, and the only made into a 8×10! (see my knee helping support the fish)

Broke thru the net this guy who helped, it landing on my feet as I jumped on it... After apologizing, I said, if you take a picture of me with it, I'll let him go... I did... I did !! They all said it was a trophy... Replied I know... 

Later that day I had a female over 2 - 3X times as heavy, pos. state record, stopped between my feet of those waders !  She was so pretty... Water was just at my knees... She was big like those bull mahi mahi with a huge head... Pearl white with shiny black flecks, light pale pink and a pale green stripe, I could see her eye and her whole left side !!! Boy was she grotesquely deep from her back to her belly... Nervous as a cat, I calmly tried every type of lure in my pocket case using barely twitches to pitch out to try and entice a strike... NADA !

This wide eyed guy across the stream was mimicking words and pointing down at my feet and I mimicked back I KNOW!!!

Ended up walking away! UGH!!

The thickness of the swirl as she spooked off as I left... Oh!

Still shake my head once, then twice over it ! Pouting my lower lip/closing my eyes reliving it...

Hast thou seen the White Whale ?

7/20/22 @ 7:16 PM
USER SINCE 12/30/13

couple of ski's from the Fox Chain, the good old days when we use to have time to go fishing..........

7/7/22 @ 5:01 PM
USER SINCE 12/30/13

Nice picture vegas.... good catch!  Here are a few from a day on silver lake, kenosha w/my kids. would love to have some of those days back, Jack oldest, works with me, second oldest is 1/2 way thru 4 year stint in marines, & daughter is starting college this fall. enjoy your kids & spend time with them, it goes by in a flash......

6/27/22 @ 10:35 AM
USER SINCE 5/21/03

Hard for me to pick just one.  But this was my wife's first really big smallie.  21 incher.  She's now caught about 30 fish this size, but this was the first one.  She was really excited!!!

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