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cleaned out

8/28/14 @ 10:48 PM
User since 4/18/12
Well I got home from work today to find out I got hit. brand new Honda auger. 8 rods and reels. all ice lures as well as my summer tackle hauler.

not sure what to do about this besides filling out a report with the police.

any ideas let me know. Im not a wealthy guy and I gotta replace this stuff. Fishing is my sole entertainment. breaks my heart guys.

roughly 3'5k in gear walked outta my castle.. MY HOUSE!

this happened in eau Claire upper east side. This has been happening quite a bit lately. take care guys.

Thanks for the ear


9/7/14 @ 3:28 PM
User since 2/15/10
no they were local yocals where are cabin is. we decided to hang the cameras when are neighbors got cleaned out. we use spypoint cameras.the bf6 caught a lot of critters we didnt know visit too

9/5/14 @ 6:56 PM
MEMBER since 8/24/01
Central, What brand and model cameras do you use! Tr

9/3/14 @ 11:26 AM
User since 2/26/13
I have all my gear recorded in AM Fam's dream vault. Along with photgraphs including serial number. Hope i never need it

9/2/14 @ 1:19 PM
User since 2/15/10
we have caught 3 people in the last 3 years with hidden trail cameras to get there license plate and another one for face.

9/1/14 @ 10:35 PM
User since 12/20/12
I got nailed about 15 yrs ago in fox lake. Took everything guns poles lures locaters coolers ect. I know it was somone that new me cuz thats all they took was outdoor stuff and they left my grandfathers model 70 257 roberts which is a very spendy gun. Never saw any of the stuff again. funny thing they took 23 firearms and I had all the numbers and not one has ever turned up. I also told the cops I was going to beat someone to death if I caught them. Got same you can't threaten people. Not a threat!!!! to this day someone is gonna get put in hospital if I can prove who did it. I cant stand a thief!!!! good luck check craigslist everyday for months these guys arent brain surgeons.

8/30/14 @ 10:09 PM
User since 12/5/07
Post some picks of the stuff if you have any so we can all watch for it. I've found if you engrave your name on stuff they can easily see that then grind it off. I use a punch set and will make a pattern, they have no clue what it is but it does make it identifiable to me and the cops. Like putting 3 punch marks in a triangle followed by one punch or 2 punches then a space and 2 more. Only the guy that's owns it would even know it's there or what it means.

8/29/14 @ 11:06 AM
User since 4/9/03
I would file a report and go and talk to any pawn shops in the area as well as check the websites mentioned.

I would notify your Homeowners agent and file a loss report with him but first have a list and value of all the items. I would have your agent put a hold on notifying your company for awhile (if you don't need any items replaced right away) see if your stuff pops up. Theft claims are the biggest flags to homeowners companies. If you have had weather related claims and you get canceled it's really hard getting new coverage with a theft claim in the last 3 years.

Good luck hope you catch the SOB..

8/29/14 @ 10:48 AM
User since 6/20/01
Also watch local rummage sales as well as pawn/resale shops in the area. To quote a good friend who is an officer, "The guys that keep us regularly employed are not on vacation from NASA."

I had all my ice tackle stolen from my truck during my club's Jamboree on Big Muskego in January '06 at Lakeview Gun Club. When I filed the report with Muskego Police I told the officer, "If you ever get a report that someone is getting beaten on the ice with a 2X4/auger handle/steel thermos, don't worry. It's just me and I caught the guy." I was told I can't make a threat like that to which I told the officer flat out, "I am not making any sort of threat. What I am telling you is what will happen if I get my hands on them before you guys do. I am merely stating a fact."

Kill 'em if you catch 'em.

8/29/14 @ 8:31 AM
User since 7/20/09
What's your deductible on your homeowner's insurance? If its $3500 worth of gear, I'd make a claim if you have that type of coverage.

8/29/14 @ 5:46 AM
User since 9/21/04
Report it ASAP to police. i got my vehicle cleaned out of gear in Florida while I was 100 yards away in the water fishing. I had a good description of gear and most was marked. Police hit the local pawn shops and got the guy.

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