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Cheaters caught

10/1/22 @ 4:07 PM
USER SINCE 10/15/03

Two anglers were caught putting weights in walleyes in a tournament on lake Erie. They were suspected of cheating in the past. There's videos on Wisconsin walleye Fanatics.


11/10/22 @ 4:36 PM
USER SINCE 1/22/21

Sure do.

11/10/22 @ 4:35 PM
USER SINCE 12/30/10

It's my understanding these guys are being prosecuted under several fraud statutes.  Seems like overkill, but the tournament organizers are seeking return of monies, awards, etc.  Other organizers from past tournies are pressing for these charges sol they can recover past money and awards also.  

Tournies have been plagued in the past with allegations of cheating or unfair competition.  This is most likely an attempt to show that organizers are serious about putting on honest comepetitions. 

11/10/22 @ 3:48 PM
USER SINCE 1/17/07

Leechster, yeah I get that. $1 for the first fish, $2 for the biggest, etc. but I know you know what I mean.

11/10/22 @ 9:28 AM

Jimbo - a few years back there was a YouTube series in Texas where deer hunters actually went out and used blanks and scope cameras in a contest.  The format was actually pretty cool - there were designated hunting areas, and they had some preliminary way of determining who got to hunt where.

It was usually 3 well-known hunters in each video.  I can't recall any of the names anymore, but one of them was in his 60s, sported a mustache and glasses, and often liked to hunt deer with his pistol.

The scope cameras recorded "hits" or "misses" and they also got scored on ethical shots, maturity of the buck IIRC.

So, in that fashion "shoot and release" hunting did exist.

11/9/22 @ 4:05 PM
USER SINCE 1/22/21

JimBo, There are thousands of Tourneys for every hunting season between family and friends all the time. You could call them private tourneys but they are the same thing. I wonder if any cheating takes place during these tournaments? Lol

11/9/22 @ 3:28 PM

I don't think it worth wasting public resources (DA's, police etc) to prosecute these guys.  They will never be allowed in a tournament again and their personal brands are shot.  good enough for me.  I agree with Bowhunter.  I just don't really care what people in a tournament do or don't do.  I don't generally like tournaments but that is just me.

11/1/22 @ 3:37 PM
USER SINCE 1/17/07

Bowhunter Guy, I appreciate your take on these guys and second your thoughts. What is it about fish that so angers some people and brings out such virulence as seen on the video when these guys were caught cheating. You'd think these guys had just committed a major crime against mankind. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for these guys getting fined, lose their fishing licenses for a few years, and have to pay back any pasy winnings from other tournaments they were in. But wherever there is money involved in an outcome of something there is going to be cheating. I've never believed in "fishing for money". Isn't fishing supposed to be an outlet, a hobby, an avocation, a way to enjoy a fish fry once in awhile? Why aren't there duck hunting tournaments or turkey tournaments or deer hunting tournaments. There's no such thing as "shoot and release" hunting but when it comes to fishing whoa be it to the guy who posts that he caught 3 bass and he kept them. You would think that he had just shot a Bald Eagle or a Whooping Crane. Certain factions of the hunting/fishing population want to crucify those who don't play by the rules and yes, there are rules in every walk of life. So let the DNR or tournament directors enforce those rules but don't let your hatred take over your life.  Just my 2¢

11/1/22 @ 1:33 PM
Bowhunting Guy
USER SINCE 5/22/18

Antler, if you re-read what I wrote I clearly never said I was okay with it. And I figured my opinion may not be popular as I’m not joining the angry mob. I believe in doing everything with integrity and cheating is not part of that program. By all means, if your heart is inherently pure please throw the first stone. My point is that people love to hate these guys, because most people probably don’t cheat in tournaments. Would you hate them as much if it was a different crime?

11/1/22 @ 10:51 AM
antler junkie
USER SINCE 8/17/05

You may be fine with it Bowhunting Guy but I hope these two scumbags get prosecuted to the fullest extent. 

11/1/22 @ 10:34 AM
USER SINCE 9/10/15

Does cheating with someone else's wife count? I'm against tournament fishing unless the fish are measured and released immediately. 

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