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boater safety checks

5/12/14 @ 10:10 AM
User since 5/12/14
I heard this weekend at Metro Boat Launch that the USCG Auxiliary is offering free boat safety checks there next weekend on Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 10-1 p.m. Great way to get your boat checked out for all safety equipment and get that "sticker" so you may not be checked by law enforcement or the DNR this summer.

Other free boat safety checks scheduled for Mr. Outboard's on May 24 from 9-1 pm and Ed's Boat Sales (Bay Beach Road) on June 14 from 10-2 pm.

Stay safe on the water this year!

5/15/14 @ 2:46 PM
User since 2/8/05
Boat lighting, front light and rear, working in Nav and Aux mode. Battery terminal covers, registration.

5/14/14 @ 8:21 AM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01
You need approved life jackets. a throw able life preserver, flares, anchors with adequate rope, a fire extinguisher and some sort of signal device like a whistle or horn. I may be leaving something off. I think the requirements vary depending on what waters you are using and the size of your boat. There must be a list on some official site that can answer your question definitively. You could also go to one of the free checks by the Coast Guard AUXILIARY. Mrt.

5/13/14 @ 10:02 PM
User since 2/12/14
what things do they look for besides batteries being in a case and secured and an extinguisher??

5/13/14 @ 9:31 AM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01
WELL EXCUSE ME!!! It must be the Coast Guard then. The title of the thread is Boater Safety Checks. My point was to alert the public that they should expect to be checked while in Sheboygan. Thanks for splitting hairs and clearing this up. Mrt.

5/12/14 @ 6:41 PM
User since 12/17/09
Always that one guy.

5/12/14 @ 5:54 PM
User since 3/25/10
Mr. Cold Front, You have never seen the USCG Auxiliary issue tickets to anyone. They have no power to do so. They also never board boats while underway to do safety checks. The checks are done at the landing and are 100% voluntary. They are there to help boaters comply with state and federal boating regulations, not to enforce anything. Any boater who passes up the chance to have their boats inspected for free is foolish. The Auxiliary does not write you name down or pass your information to anyone if you fail the inspection. They just point out what you need to do to comply. A great service.

5/12/14 @ 5:40 PM
User since 2/8/05
The "Auxiliary" don't have the ability to write tickets, or force an inspection, it is just a courtesy... or that is exactly how the person I worked with explained it. I seen one person decline the inspection, and there was no question or issue when he did so. These I mentioned were going on as we came off the water, on shore.

5/12/14 @ 4:54 PM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01
If you fish out of Sheboygan beware. I have never seen them do a free safety check. I am not saying that they never do but I have not seen it. What I have seen and experienced is that they do not check boats going out but instead gather at the landing and try and get you when you come in. They also have boats out in the harbor doing the same. I have been boarded twice while in the harbor and also checked at the landing. Being boarded is an unnecessary inconvenience. I have never had a violation but got the feeling that they were disappointed that they couldn't find any. I have always been pleasant and co-operated in spite of some "attitude" shown by some of them. [not all} I have seen them write numerous tickets. I resent that they could have checked the boats before they were launched and accomplished the same thing. It's like they are playing "gotcha" rather than actually dealing with public safety. In one instance I showed them a certificate that I had been checked out while in Lake Erie just 3 weeks before and they made us do it all over again. Sorry for the rant but it fits the topic. Mrt.

5/12/14 @ 12:28 PM
User since 2/8/05
They checked mine over at Southshore in Milwaukee a couple weeks ago. It took a little time, but was nice to have someone looking without any intent of ticketing, just offering a service. Realized one of my three batteries didn't have a cover on the ground side... not that I have found a cover anywhere yet, but it was still nice seeing everything else was good.

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