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When Your Pets Start Losing Control

5/8/14 @ 8:12 AM
User since 1/25/10
I have a 9 year old yellow Labrador Retriever and a 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier, both of which have been quite loved in our household their whole lives, but I am closing in on my wits end as each of them has started urinating in the house with increasing frequency in the past few months. The Jack Russell will also drop the occasional load here and there as well. It doesn't happen every day, but seems to be happening at least two or three times a week. The timing of it doesn't make sense either, as you can put them outside for a while, then they'll come in and do it on the floor within an hour. In other words, being vigilant in getting them outside as often as possible, doesn't seem to stop it. Each of these dogs seems to have a good three to five years of life left in them, but I can't take this much longer, nor can the carpets. Both dogs have been to the vet recently and there are no glaring health problems that we know about, it just seems that as these dogs get older, they can't hold their bladders. I know it sounds very cold hearted, but cleaning up urine at this frequency almost makes me want to put the dogs down if there is no other solution, since they have kind of made it to old age and have lived a good life. What would you guys do about these animals in this scenario?

5/17/14 @ 2:19 PM
User since 2/1/06
This isn't an old age thing necessarily. It certainly doesn't happen to all dogs, it doesn't happen to most in fact. Because its happening to BOTH dogs its clear to me that its coming from an outside source. It could be just about anything from poor diet, pesticides on the lawn or just about anything they could have gotten into that's effecting their kidneys. Its good that there is no outward signs, but there is most certainly something going on aside from simply age as its happening to multiple dogs.

I'd get a full blood workup and toxicology report, something is affecting them and I don't think its animals outside or marking as they are both older...but not terribly old.

5/8/14 @ 10:00 AM
User since 1/10/03
Are your dogs males or females? Spayed/neutered? At what age were they spayed/neutered? If they are females and were spayed at a very early age, that could be the problem. Early spaying often leads to incontinence at an early age. Are the dogs crate trained?

Have you specifically addressed this issue with your vet, or were they just regular check ups? You need to first determine if this is behavioral or physiological, then go from there. If it is the former, retraining will be required. If it is the latter, medications/supplements may help.

5/8/14 @ 8:52 AM
User since 5/29/06
Our dog had incontinence that was cured by taking Proin twice a day. Fairly cheap med. Won't do much for the pooping though.

5/8/14 @ 8:36 AM
User since 10/3/12
No dog expert here so take my comments to be worth what you pay$$. Owning several dogs in my life none have showed signs of debilitating mental and physical age until well into their teens. Of course this depends upon the breed too.

Is there a possibility of low grade bladder or bowel infection or cancer?

Has there been a change in the food you give them. Maybe another type of food will improve their habits.

My present dog is a lab/springer mix going on 17 years. Yeah she is losing it but weve been more vigilant about frequent trips outside.. Once she does her duty inside the house then she has marked her territory and the remaining odor reinforces her inside habit. The odors must be completely removed to break the habit. This is one reason ive never let any of our dogs on the carpeted part of the house. Kitchen and laundry room only. Text

5/8/14 @ 8:26 AM
User since 5/21/03
Well, as pets age, that happens. It is part of owning a dog. But in your case, this seems early.

Sometimes dogs urinate or deficate in order to establish their territory. You may want to look around outside for any evidence of midnight visitors. Maybe racoons, coyotes, other dogs...etc. It could be that their scent is around your house and is upsetting your inside dogs.

If you see no outside evidence, maybe installing a security camera by sliding glass doors or windows will let you know what is going on.

If you do have some midnight visitors, you could try installing a motion activated sprinkler. Visitors comes up at night and gets wet, then goes away and probably won't return.

You've already done the responsible thing and taken them to the vet to see if it was physical. Now check and see if it is territorial.

Good luck to you!

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