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Vehicle problems--Auto Mechanics Help!

10/27/06 @ 5:07 AM
big mac
I looked for a current thread on this subject, but there was none started.

My dilema, I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado pick up, the tach has not worked properly for about 6 months and now the speedometer does not work properly. I called the dealership, and he said I might need a whole new insturment cluster, that sounds costly. My question is this, is this the only way to fix it, and does anybody out there have or had a similar problem, and what did you do,

Thank you, Big Mac77


7/19/21 @ 9:27 PM
Pete Pete Pete
USER SINCE 12/21/05

Good luck! 

May the music put you at ease!  

7/19/21 @ 9:15 PM
Da  Crusher
Da Crusher
USER SINCE 1/17/21

I returned the core.  I wouldn't take the new one off anyway because it's too much of the same work I just went through.  Too frustrating

I checked the air filter.  It was wet but not soaking wet.  I don't think much water got past the filter.  The car stalled rather quickly once I got into the deep water.  But the air intake sucks in air rather low to ground and I guessing the water choked the engine from getting any air.  I will pull out some spark plugs and check if I can see any moisture through the spark plug hole.

I'm gonna go and bench press some half-barrels of beer now and listen to some polka music


7/19/21 @ 8:50 PM
Pete Pete Pete
USER SINCE 12/21/05

Turkey neck,

Did you return your core starter?

If not, clean the new one up and take it back.

Most places have pretty liberal return policies.

It happens.

7/19/21 @ 8:15 PM
USER SINCE 5/29/11


I hope you didn't fill the cylinders with water. It is called hydro lock. It happens when you go through deep water and the water is sucked in through the air filter intake. It can ruin the engine. Good luck.

7/19/21 @ 5:40 PM
Da  Crusher
Da Crusher
USER SINCE 1/17/21

I think I figured my issue out myself.  Yes there is a 300 amp fuse in battery cable to the starter solenoid.  I checked it with a multimeter.  It's bad.  $7.50 for the fuse at Oreilly's.  This after I went through the work of installing a new $200 starter.    I'll install the fuse tomorrow.  I'm guessing it will fire right up.

7/19/21 @ 2:29 PM
USER SINCE 5/18/02

Boat and trailer lighting and wires work fine on any other car but my own!  Located in the trunk of my 2014 Grand Caravan is a device called a 'trailer light converter' which connects car wiring to trailer lighting via 4-wire flat connectors.  Any suggestion on a source who could replace and install what I need to 'light up'?

7/19/21 @ 2:23 PM
Da  Crusher
Da Crusher
USER SINCE 1/17/21

Wednesday night after work I drove through a flooded street and it was over a foot deep.  No street lights so couldn't see the water and I had no idea how deep it was.  Car stalled and had to get towed home.  I let the car sit for 2 days to dry out.  When I turn the ignition key there was just 1 click and then nothing.  I figured the one click was the starter relay.  The ignition coil was not doing the continuous clicking so I figured I needed to install a new starter.  Now I installed the new starter and I get the same 1 click and then nothing.  The battery is new although I tried jumpstarting it,headlights, dashboard all light up fine.  Anybody have any ideas what to look for next?  Is there a fuse in the battery cable between the battery and starter?  Thanks

7/13/21 @ 4:53 PM

Hockeyeguy I'm not real mechanically handy but I do know replacing a snapped stud is a simple job.  All you need is a new stud which any auto store will have a jack, tire iron, socket set, and hammer.  You should be able to do it in 20 minutes tops.  Check u-tube its really easy.

Any auto repair place or even tire shop can also do the job for you pretty quickly and its not a big deal/expensive.

As to safety of driving with just 4 studs/lugs you should be OK for a short distance slow speed trip.  But it is not something to put off and drive around on any more than necessary. 

7/13/21 @ 12:48 PM
USER SINCE 8/24/07

While putting my tire back on my Explorer the other day, one of the lug bolts snapped off. The other 4 are fine and the lug nuts are in place. I can't imagine there's anything to worry about with 4/5 vs 5/5, but how safe is it to drive until it gets in to have it taken care of?  Is trailering a boat a no go until it's fixed?  Was hoping to get out for a while after dinner tonight, but will stay on shore if it's an issue. 

5/18/21 @ 2:16 PM
USER SINCE 8/24/07

Packed up the family and boat and were headed out to Fremont on Sunday in our 2002 Ford Explorer. As we got off on the exit ramp and I hit the brakes, there was this awful sound and it started a very heavy clunking noise that was noticeable with the corresponding jerks, but only when on the brakes. Pulled into the gas station right by the exit and found the front passenger side caliper was able to move quite a bit. We'd just had the brakes completely redone in January and there's probably less than 500 miles on it since then. Got it towed to our mechanic and they found the bottom bolt had snapped!  I'd never heard of that so asked if it was a one in a million thing and he said it's about one in a thousand!!  Kind of an unnerving thing with a heavy trailer behind you. Glad we were slowing to stop as it was and didn't have to stop fast for a pile up ahead.

To their credit, they covered the cost of the tow to their shop in Little Chute and fixed everything, and double checked the other three. 

Anyone ever have that happen to them? Or heard about it happening?  

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