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TMS therapy for depression

4/5/18 @ 4:20 PM
User since 8/29/06

I was wondering if there is anyone that has undergone this therapy, or knows someone who has? My daughter suffers from severe depression, and is (so far) unresponsive to all of the meds the doctor has prescribed to her. She is currently on her 4th different med for depression.

She is about to undergo psychotherapy, and if this fails I will be turning to TMS. It is very expensive, but seems to recieve a lot of positive testimonials. 

If anyone has first hand experience with this therapy, and would not mind sharing the results (good or bad) I would really appreciate it. We are getting kind of desperate. Thanks.


4/10/18 @ 1:36 PM
User since 8/29/06

Guys, thanks for all the kind words and support. It is mind-bending to see her on her bad days (most days), knowing I can't make her better through any effort of my own. I am sincerely hoping we can just break even, and help her at least feel well enough to leave the house most days, and to get her life/career on track. School is not an option when she can't even get out of bed without suffering a major panic attack.

All in all it looks like a life-long journey that will require many different approaches.


4/9/18 @ 4:57 PM
User since 5/31/10

Good luck! I've struggled with depression and still do on occasion. So far I've avoided medications as I'm just not a fan of them in general but may have to resort to them eventually (it's not that I don't believe in them, it's the side effects others have had). I've undergone EMDR and have had some success but in general for me it is learning coping mechanisms that I struggle with. It's not an easy road and I feel for anyone who has to watch someone struggle.

4/9/18 @ 2:36 PM
MEMBER since 2/5/10


My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.  I know first hand what you are going through and it is tough.  Seeing my daughter go through the tough days always leaves me heartbroken and frustrated.  Dad's like to fix what's wrong in our children's lives and not being able to do that with depression is so very hard. PM me if you ever need to share, vent or just talk.  God Bless!!!!!!   

4/9/18 @ 2:27 PM
User since 10/3/12

Blessing and prayers for your family.

4/9/18 @ 2:12 PM
swamp people
swamp people
User since 5/14/12

Good luck Jimmy

I am a long time survivor of depression and anxiety.  I was delt. This horrible sickness in my 20's and truly never really recovered. Every day is a struggle.  I will pray for your family. God bless.

4/6/18 @ 6:10 AM
phishin phool
MEMBER since 4/5/08

svitreum, my prayers and good thoughts go out to you and your family.

4/6/18 @ 5:58 AM
User since 8/29/06

It would appear that our health insurance through my employer provides reimbursement coverage, after the deductible is paid. We still have to exhaust the final requirement of psychotherapy, with the psichiastrists approval for the treatment if he/she is not successful. I'm going to require that the Dr. (undecided as of yet) tells me up front what their awareness and stance is regarding TMS therapy.

In the end, if I have to pay full price, then I will. Hard to see her this way when I know what is really inside.

We kinda joked about it last night. I was in the Navy for 14 years and experienced many different different kinds of trauma. Some to myself and some to fallen comrades. She says I'm the one who should have PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc. In contrast, she and her older sister were homeschooled, simply because we were moving so much with every duty assignment I had. She was basically a bit sheltered if anything. Her sister is wonderful, beautiful, articulate, outgoing, etc. This goes beyond my understanding.

Thanks for the kind comments and the prayers. We'll certainly take them.

4/5/18 @ 7:22 PM
Dave (Golden)
Dave (Golden)
MEMBER since 6/22/01

I wish the best for your daughter and family Jimmy..

4/5/18 @ 5:37 PM
User since 2/5/05

I have no idea what TMS is. But may God bless you and your family as you fight this battle together.

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