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Time to talk BREWERS!!!!

3/30/02 @ 9:29 AM
User since 10/2/01
Yeah I know baseball is ruined and ther Brewerw are almost as severly hampered by Princess Prieb as they are the lack of revenue sharing, but Im still excited. I am probably crazy but I think the Crew should be .500 this year and if Sheets, Wright, Quevedo, and Nuegebaur pitch up to their potential and we dont swing at everything, I think the crew can win 90 and be in the wild card race late, which is something we havent seen in a long, long time. They must finish over .500 to avoid 10 years straight of losing seasons. I think it is time for a coup to remove Princess Prieb.

10/7/19 @ 12:26 PM
User since 1/19/02

Bob, you are missing out on some good baseball!  Love post season ball no mater who is playing.  I hope they keep Moose around too!

10/7/19 @ 8:08 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

still haven't watched any of the playoffs... I thought it was becasue of the disappointing end to the Brewers season...

... but that's not it, it was a great season and fun to watch... frankly, it's the teams left in the game, so far they do nothing to excite me... I have no one to pull for except to lose... maybe it will get the juices flowing in the next series of playoffs... hope so

I rarely think about contacts n such very much... I do, however, like keeping track of what the team's leaders end up doing... 

this year, Grandal's contract was the only one that got on my radar, and I think he fulfilled his end of the bargain

,,, I DO hope Moustakas is back, like the way he plays the game, and fits into the Brewer's make up

10/6/19 @ 9:49 PM
User since 4/2/02

Many of you know my opinion on long term contracts. See Machado, Albert, Prince Fielder, Cabrerra, Chris Davis etc....I will just enjoy Yelich these next three years. 

I would love to think that Yelich will be different, but to sustain those types of numbers and continue playing without injuries taking their toll....just not likely at all for anyone. 

If the Crew had money to throw around like the Yankees, Cubs, or Dodgers, then, yes, sign him. But, every dollar counts for a small or mid market team and 40 million a year could be catastrophic if he falls off. 


10/6/19 @ 7:31 PM
clark co chris
clark co chris
User since 4/5/09

They won't be able to expand the rosters next year like they have been,  but I wonder......although the minor league seasons wrap up in early September, can they still shuffle guys back and forth between the majors and minors, even in there are no minor league games?  Is there going to be anything against having as many guys you want from the 40-man roster travel and work out with the team, and swap out a few guys every few days??  I think right now once you are sent to the minors, you have to wait ten days to get called back up, unless you are replacing someone that gets placed on the injured list.  But still, bring up a few pitchers and position players, use 'em up for ten days, then swap 'em out.  Just curious!  

Interesting off season coming for sure!  Would you be happy bringing back pretty much the exact same team?  There is certainly "quantity" in the pitching ranks, do you hope the existing guys can grow and gain the "quality", or do we need to sign some people?   We sign anybody that is expensive, Moustakas and or Grandal may become too expensive (if they are in the plans).  

Then Yelich.  Three more years of "cheap".  Do you do anything possible to win the next three years while he is here and spend what it takes, or do you try to sign him to a monster deal ASAP at the expense of putting quality players around him?  If he's allowed to play out his contract and keeps putting up these kinds of numbers, what kind of a contract will he see??  40 mil a year?  Quite the dilemma.   Sure, I want to win now!!  I'd also like to see Yelich a life-long Brewer.   Don't see how both can happen though!  Opinions??

10/4/19 @ 7:08 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

x2 the twitter world... seems filled with hatred... sad

and yes, was a fun season and the sept ride was amazing!!

Stearn & Co. have some interesting months ahead

10/4/19 @ 5:30 AM
User since 1/9/08

That is a great article nihs. Its easy to forget that baseball IS a game of failure. And that these guys are human and sometimes just fail.

 We could all stand to remember this article next season while we are watching our team.

  Those tweets are the reason i will not ever be a subscriber to twitter, instagram, or facebook.  To many a#$holes

10/4/19 @ 4:36 AM
User since 6/3/06

Great article nihsif thanks for posting!

Its only a game and we’re only human

Bring on badger basketball!

10/4/19 @ 1:08 AM
User since 5/13/02

A good way to proceed through the playoffs is to win your so close...anyway I enjoyed the season so much and have others had said...what a ride in September...also enjoyed all the different characters that post their comments....opinions..facts....and theories...take care until next year


10/4/19 @ 12:18 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

didn't do much more than peek in at the games today... I don't even know how they turned out...

I'm usually ready for the playoffs,  guess the loss and end of the Brewers season was off-putting... at least for awhile 

Anyways,  read this article and thought it was a decent look at the human side of the game 


10/3/19 @ 5:18 PM
beer bum
User since 1/9/19

Not happy with the way the season ended.  Just not surprised.

Pedro Martinez nailed it in the post game.  The problem with Hader is that teams didn't have the over abundance scouting and film on him last year, and he excelled with his fastball with some breaking ball mixed in.  This year, teams have tons of scouting reports, films, and analytics, and he was almost exclusively fastball.  With a disciplined hitting team, which the Nats are, they can basically ignore the breaking ball because it is not thrown.  So they sit fastball.  Hader excels when he can locate it up in the zone.  When he can't locate it up, which what was happening the other night, they wait for him to get one down where they can rip it, or take their walks.  

Every time he struggled, this was the case.  He needs to develop a second, and maybe a third pitch to keep hitters off balance so they can't sit on his fastball.  The more teams learn the more they will take advantage.  

The rule changes next year are going to have a big effect on the Crew.  The days of having 14-15 pitchers on the roster and several bench players are over.  CC is going to have to run with the horses Stearns provides.  Pitching can no longer play second banana to the free swinging all or nothing offense.  The offense scored three runs on HRs and went dormant.  That must change. 

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