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Sprint cell Phone Carrier

12/31/14 @ 4:27 PM
MEMBER since 12/17/01
Currently have Cell Com and thinking of switching over to Sprint which appears to be a better value for us. I am looking for comments good or bad. Thank you

1/6/15 @ 12:26 AM
big mac
MEMBER since 2/19/02
I have U.S. Cellular. I get service on some parts of The Chippewa Flowage! Big Mac

1/5/15 @ 10:25 PM
User since 10/1/08
I heard awhile ago on TV that Sprint has overtaken T-Mobile for the worst cell phone service.

1/5/15 @ 9:51 PM
User since 7/11/01
US cellular does not have any of it's own towers north of hwy 29. Coverage is variable up north due to that. Company just switched to cellcom because of the poor coverage. Wife has us cellular. Has essentially no service north of mosinee.

1/5/15 @ 6:46 PM
User since 12/21/01
I just switched from Verizon to US Cellular.

1. US Cell works in my house in Dane Co, Verizon did not.

2. At my desk in Madison, I got 12-14Mbps down, 6-8Mbps up with Verizon. I get 6-8Mbps down, 2-3Mbps up with US Cellular.

3. Was up at the Minocqua area the last four days. 3G data only, highly variable signal strength, slow speed with US Cell. Was 4G with Verizon.

4. We've talked to US Cell 3X about our billing, and still getting "You used all your data we're going to bill you more" texts. Apparently they have us set up with a 10GB plan (what we bought) and a 300KB plan (for reasons unknown).

1/5/15 @ 2:33 PM
User since 10/6/09
ya I got sprint and coverage sucks, bad in the house. my contract is up in march and I am going shopping.

1/5/15 @ 12:38 PM
User since 2/15/10
if you go up to northern wisconsin dont get sprint the coverage sucks up there.

1/1/15 @ 2:26 PM
User since 10/14/01
I also got out of Sprint and paid the fee to leave, just about had to. I was at 1st smitten by the 'unlimited' data. I had a slight discount through work too. I should of left during the trial period. At my house in SE WI it was very marginal with calls.

With U.S. Cellular I get almost full bars in my basement.

1/1/15 @ 8:06 AM
User since 2/8/11
I had Sprint in 2013 for about 6 months and gladly paid the $300 penalty to get out of my contract with them. I live in Waukesha co and need my phone to be functional for work. I would say 90% of my calls got dropped or were so broken up that it was pointless to even try. I would call to complain and was told that they were replacing their towers and everything would be fine in a month or so. That went on for 6 months before I gave up. I even had them replace my phone thinking that was the issue. I know they merged with US Cellular recently so maybe things are different but I'm not gonna get suckered back to sprint.

Their unlimited internet service was great until you hit a certain level of use, then they dialed the speed down so slow that it was pointless to use.

Smoke signals would be a step above sprint. A couple soup cans and a string would be about equal but more reliable.

1/1/15 @ 4:31 AM
User since 10/14/01
Just back from a U.P. of MI snowmobile trip. One of the guys had Sprint with his cell phone, TERRIBLE/NO service up North. Once we got north of the Crivitz/Lena area he had zero service until we got back. It was similar with another from lower MI who went to the U.P., Sprint also.

If you travel up North I would not use Sprint if it was free. I have U.S. Cellular, not really bragging it up, but it worked pretty good up North. A friend has AT&T, also O.K. Up north.

12/31/14 @ 5:52 PM
Pete Pete Pete
User since 12/21/05
Check into republic wireless.

Best deal out there. (Especially if you are around wifi a lot)

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