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8/27/17 @ 7:46 PM
User since 1/10/03

I know this will sound strange to some, and that is fine.  I turn 40 in February, and my gift will be my first tattoo.  I've wanted one since I was 18, so I'm finally going to do it.

I view getting a tattoo the same as getting taxidermy done = this is not the time to bargain shop!  Can anyone recommend an artist in Sothern Wisconsin?  

I'm looking to get a full cuff designed like attached.  But for now, I plan on getting one forearm tree tat.  I will add to it over the years until the cuff is done.

8/28/17 @ 10:59 AM
wi river rat
User since 4/2/02

Dude. I'm not one to tell people what to do but I do know from experience in life that maybe you should start with a small tat somewhere. See how you like it. Those tats you are considering are awfully big for a first one IMO. But then again it's your body. Just my two cents. Do not have a tat so no recommendation. Rat.

8/28/17 @ 8:59 AM
User since 1/19/02

homeward bound tattoo in port, really great artists!

8/28/17 @ 7:27 AM
User since 2/13/17

Skully at Jedi Tattoo in Waukesha. Amazing artist.

8/28/17 @ 7:12 AM
User since 8/31/11

I've inked up some lake link regulars in the recent past.  Message me for lake link discount promo code.

8/28/17 @ 4:47 AM
wack'em & stack'em
wack'em & stack'em
User since 3/13/10

I recommend Divergent Ink Works. In Fort Atkinson. Artist is Emily. I have 2 full sleeves from her. Never disappointed. 

8/28/17 @ 12:01 AM
Annes Regret
MEMBER since 7/7/11
There's a Tattoo convention in Milwaukee Sept. 15th - 17th. A friend of mine, Tattoo Dave or Uncle Dave is going. He travels the country going to conventions. You're 40 so do what ever you want not that you needed my permision. Not a fan myself but have several. I just don't like seeing really young people getting something they'll regret later in life. Used to be a right of passage. Now it's a fashion statement.

8/27/17 @ 10:03 PM
1fowl one
1fowl one
User since 12/9/10

Check out jon and Josh at Solid State tattoo in Bayview.

Not sure if you have visited tattoo shops before?.... but,

(I have had work done at five different shops. Visited others when looking for the next shop/artist.)

#1 I put it together, they are artists, and like most artists, some are a little "different". They are not always a people person, talkative, salesmen or appear to be the happiest? I guess,... their work sells they don't need to. 

#2 if you look at a artist's  portfolio, pictures, art work, etc. Don't judge the artist from what the tattoo is. Look at line work, shading, color and clean work. I'm a black and gray line guy my wife is a bold, shading and bright color tattoo type. When we looked at josh's work and pictures he was all traditional and color. Very clean. Perfect for my wife. But I had to ask if he did black and gray. He had nothing in his books. 

#3 Don't settle. If you don't like what they draw up have them draw it again. When the pattern/template is laid on you look at it, twist your arm, move it around, make sure it looks good before you say do it. If not, have them wipe it and lay it again. 

If you're not sure of placement and size, (seriously, go big as you can in the area. The tatt always looks better and more detail) have them lay the ink pattern on you, go home and check it out for a day or so. Then go back to get inked if you like it.

Congrats and good luck. 

Beware for the "itch for ink" it can get expensive. 

8/27/17 @ 8:41 PM
User since 11/11/15

You're right.  It sounds strange.  But happy birthday, good luck, and have fun.  Sorry, I can't recommend anyone.

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