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Shopping tips and rules

12/22/14 @ 5:04 PM
Got Shnitz?
Got Shnitz?
User since 11/2/07
I really don't spend much time in stores, but I had to pick a few things up for the wife, I was ready to beat people before I was done. I thought if people only followed simple rules this would be much better for everyone. Here my rules: 1. Stay to the right side of the isle, when coming out of a "side" isle onto a main isle you may want to "look both ways" instead of just plowing out into the middle of everyone. 2. NO pajamas!!! Unless your sick as a dog, this is not acceptable. It just screams to everyone who sees you, "why yes I am a fat lazy slob." 3. When you run into your old cell mate from prison or who ever, its not ok to block off an isle while you catch up. Move out of the way some place. 4. Max 10 items check out means 10 items! dah 5. I don't care if you wanna chat on the phone while your shopping, but get the hell out of everyone elses way. 6. Either discipline your kids or put them on a leash. Its not a playground, they should not just be running wide open all over the place.

It just seems like there is no common courtesy any longer, please feel free to print out and hand out my rules at your local Walmart. gs

12/22/14 @ 8:56 PM
MEMBER since 12/11/01
I shop the Cabelas bargain Cave, I watch for deals all year round and save them for xmas gifts. And delivered to my doorSmile

12/22/14 @ 8:41 PM
sassy 1
User since 8/25/09
I only shop where fellow lake-linkers shop, like paradise, everyone is perfect and so well behaved

12/22/14 @ 8:27 PM
User since 4/5/09
Oh I wouldn't say I have issues with those people, I actually look forward to tradin' a little paint at the store once in a while- what a rush!

12/22/14 @ 8:20 PM
User since 10/3/12
For some resaon I dont have these issues with the shopping crowd. I just plan around it by shopping online or getting to stores on off days and off hours. Even back when I was working 18 hour days I found I could work around the crowd and shop during the less busy times. Maybe I just plan better? Worried

12/22/14 @ 7:44 PM
User since 6/14/05
Bah! bet she has never filleted a fish in her life, let alone help cut up a deer......

12/22/14 @ 7:43 PM
antler junkie
User since 8/17/05
Rudeness carries out to the parking lot also. Had a Woman park so close I couldn't even get my door open to get in. Looked and she had about six feet on the other side. Angry

12/22/14 @ 7:39 PM
Short Fat Bald Sexy Guy
Short Fat Bald Sexy Guy
User since 6/27/08
7. If you see this hotty in the aisle make an excuse why you need to shop for Corelle Ware.

12/22/14 @ 7:33 PM
User since 4/5/09
If I'm in a sour mood and someone violating rule #1 causes enough of an issue that they're forced to apologize I sometimes mention that I sure hope they don't drive a CAR that way.

Violation of rule # causes me to work up a head of steam with the cart and engage in a game of chicken with the offender. 4 bags of water softener salt work great for ramming weight should they feel gutsy enough to try me! Big Smile

12/22/14 @ 6:07 PM
User since 5/29/06
I only have one rule and it makes everything very simple. Get to he stores mid week and as soon as they open. Hardly anyone there.

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