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New tow vehicle- Ford Explorer 3.5l Eco boost mph

7/28/17 @ 10:28 PM
User since 3/10/02

Hello, we are looking for a newer tow vehicle. We bought a 1750 super hawk with a walk through windshield this spring. We currently have a explorer with the 3.5l non-eco boost engine. I'm very curious what people are getting for real life highway, city and towing with the newer Eco boost. We test drove one today and loved the power, but we're disappointed with the mph readings that we were seeing. Are there any other stand out 7 passenger SUVs that would also work well? Thanks!

8/1/17 @ 2:31 PM
User since 6/12/10

I can't tell you about towing mpg as I don't tow with my car.  I just bought a 2017 Ford Fusion Sport with the 2.7L Ecoboost which is the same twin turbo engine found in the Ford Edge Sport and F-150.  It has 325hp and 380 lb of torque and would be plenty for your boat in either the Edge or F150.  I get 23-24 in 50% city and 50% hwy in heavy traffic to and from work and I get 28-31 highway doing 70-80mph depending on conditions.

7/31/17 @ 1:47 PM
User since 6/12/03

Ive got a new 2017 f150 Super Crew.  The new 3.5 eco 10 speed transmission and 3.55 rear end.  Towing my Ranger 175T I get 15 mpg with 87 octane ethanol and 16.5 mpg with 91 octane.  Highway not towing ive got 25 mpg several times with a tail wind.  It will do 22 mpg all day long in the country.  It has a ton of torque and get up and go puts a smile on my face when i step on it.  This is coming from a life long GM guy.

7/31/17 @ 8:54 AM
User since 7/5/01

My wife got a 2017 GMC Acadia this spring.  It has a 3.6 litre V6 rated at 310HP.  I believe the fuel ratings on that engine is 21city and 26highway.  My wife averages 23MPG on mixed use.  I drove to and from Minnesota a few weeks ago and was able to get just over 30MPG for the trip.  I also get about 1 or 2 mgp better than my wife in everyday driving.  While we don't tow with it, I am impressed with the mileage we get given the power it has.  I use my truck for towing, but I would think an Acadia would handle about the same for towing as an Exploder.

Edit:  Tha Acadia also has a 3rd row to be able to seat 7. 

7/29/17 @ 8:17 AM
MEMBER since 3/4/06

I also agree with the comment"If you are towing don't worry about the gas mileage". I am and have been a owner of a ford explorer since 1992 and would not trade any of those vehicles for anything. I now own a 2010 explorer with 36,000 miles on it fully equipped for towing which I do now only occasionally. Bought this explorer brand new also. Sold my ranger  comanche 18 ft bass boat when my wife passed away in 2010. When I was towing this boat I averaged around 16-17 mpg on the road and now not towing I get approx 16mpg in the city and around 19-20 mpg on the highway. And being a 7yr old vehicle I think that's pretty good gas mileage. This perticular explorer is the last of the larger SUVs since Ford started downgrading in weight  in the model yr 2011. If by chance I ever buy another SUV it will no doubt be another explorer. I just love them.

7/29/17 @ 7:17 AM
User since 4/20/07

I agree with JR8, if your so worried about gas mileage you shouldn't be towing!  Think about the gas you are wasting running your boat!  Does that bother you too?

Even when gas was over $4.00 per gallon it didn't stop me from fishing every weekend, towing my boat with my F150, 70 to 100 miles.  Its the cost of enjoying what you like to do. So get the vehicle you like to drive on an everyday basis, not what will save you 3 to 5 MPG towing.

7/29/17 @ 6:39 AM
User since 8/20/07
I'm in the same boat as you looking at new vehicles. I think I have it down to a Ford Expedition and a Dodge Durango. Sat in the newer Explorer and the second seat passenger leg room is terrible. I fish a lot, but have to figure that 95% of your driving will not be towing or long tows so mpg shouldn't be that big of deal. I haven't totally ruled out a super crew either.

7/29/17 @ 6:30 AM
User since 1/7/09

Look at the diesel. Colorado. Duramax

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