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Making jerky

1/9/14 @ 10:34 PM
Lund forever
User since 1/21/08
Took my first stab a making jerky with ground meat and a jerky shooter. I used 3 pounds of lean round beef and some teriyaki seasoning from Fleet Farm. I ran the meat through the grinder with the course die just once. Mixed in two pouches of seasoning mix and let it set in the fridge overnight. Used a dehydrator for 6 hours to dry it. For starters it tasted just ok, but I would have liked more flavor. The texture was more crumbly that I prefer. So, any advice for seasonings for shooter jerky and how can I make the jerky so I would have to chew it longer? Use the finer grind die? Lund

6/16/16 @ 4:44 PM
Mr. Killroy
Mr. Killroy
User since 5/3/07
The Backwoods mix is decent from Fleet Farm. I think I liked the hickory flavor the best. I buy Nesco from Amazon, I get 18 packs per box and each pack seasons 1 pound of ground meat.  

6/16/16 @ 3:14 PM
User since 6/16/03

I went to Fleet Farm looking for the Nesco jerky mix, and see it is replaced with the fleet farm "Backwoods jerky mix". Anyone know where the nesco brand is other than fleet?   anyone try the new fleet backwoods jerky brand?

6/15/16 @ 4:20 PM
Ed Franko
User since 5/6/15

I made some that tasted terrible.   I put it outside and even the coons would not eat it.  I made mine out of deer and I did not make the cuts uniform enough some were to thick some were not . I think a slicer is the way to go.  You know thinking back I haven't seen a coon lately.... It was worse than i thought. I have had some that is great but I think i will keep it to the pros.

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6/14/16 @ 4:28 PM
Mr. Killroy
Mr. Killroy
User since 5/3/07
The local grocery store has 93% lean ground turkey at $1.79 per 1# pack so I grabbed 2 and got it mixed it up with Nesco original, added a little garlic powder & cracked pepper, used the jerky gun and have it in the dehydrator. Should be done just before bed time. 

2/13/16 @ 10:53 PM
One shot one kill
MEMBER since 8/12/02
I use the Nesco brand , and try different meats . Ground turkey is tasty and lean .

2/13/16 @ 3:32 PM
Mr. Killroy
Mr. Killroy
User since 5/3/07
Came home from ice fishing and there was 2 lbs. in the dehydrator with a note that says "happy valentines day, I started it at 11. See you when I get home from shopping". Looks like she used the gun and 95% lean beef. Just hope she mixed it enough Lips Sealed .

12/1/14 @ 6:25 PM
Mr. Killroy
Mr. Killroy
User since 5/3/07
I have a batch cold drying in the garage right now. Should be done when I wake up in the morning.

9/25/14 @ 10:36 PM
User since 2/12/02
I also use Nesco. I run meat through my course grinding blade till it looks like mincemeat. Nice texture when dried.

1 package to one one pound of meat. Been doing it for years. My package says 1 to one. Can't believe they would change that. I also like mixing in a little sweet baby rays.

9/23/14 @ 11:29 AM
User since 9/13/11
I make quite a bit of jerky and have used a WI company called PS Seasoning to get my stuff. Wide variety too.

1/11/14 @ 6:17 PM
User since 3/9/03
OVEN METHOD. To dry it out I use a screen that you would use for cooking vegetables on the barbecue, or any other type of mesh grille that has small holes. I put it in the oven second to highest rack on 200 degrees for 2 hours with a butter knife stuck in the door to keep it open a crack. This lets the moisture out. Two hours should be be plenty, the longer it goes, the tougher and drier it will be. Instead of a shooter, I take a piece of freezer paper, lay it on a cookie sheet, and press out the meat like a pizza dough as thin as I can. then take the grille and put it on top, then flip it over and peel off the freezer paper. I can literally make a piece of jerky 16"X 12". When it is done I take a scissors and cut it into strips. No need to try and make strips by hand. With your shooter it should be a breeze to shoot it out onto the vegetable screen.Simplest fastest method I know of to dry it out. As for seasonings I add a little fennel and crushed red pepper when I grind to give it a little hint of a pepperoni type flavor not too much though.I Used to use Jack Links, but I think they quit selling it because people were using it to make their own retail jerky with it. That stuff was the best I had ever found, and actually, I havent even made any since they quit selling it, because any of the others I tried were nowhere as good. Saving my last stash of Links maybe enough for 2 pounds.

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