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9/13/17 @ 9:50 PM
User since 4/2/02

How many times a year do you mow?


Special features (swamp, prairie etc...)

Time it takes to mow:

When are you done for the year? 

I think us in the north are kind of lucky. I mowed a lot more when I lived in Southern Wi. 

How often? About 8-10  times a year for me. Could do 11 or 12 if I mowed exactly when it needed it. Every 10 days during July and August.

Location: Vilas County

Special Features: Plenty of shade. Good sized lawn for Northern Wi.

Time it takes: 1 hour 20 minutes. Push mower.

Done? I might be. Mowed today. With the cold nights, not sure I'll need to mow any more...

10/9/18 @ 8:53 AM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01

We can't get things dried out enough to cut in FDL. I cut every time the yard dries up enough to handle the zero turn. Seems like it rains every day and a half or so. Mrt.

10/8/18 @ 7:24 PM
User since 1/14/02

I'll second to not buying a Craftsman. Dad bought one for Mom and within 2 years the valve cam wore out. New replacement under warranty lasted just past the 2 year warrenty. 


Edit: as far as mowing with all the rain we've had I'm at every 4 days at the latest

10/8/18 @ 5:47 PM
User since 1/17/12

Thanks for the tips. Hoping my dad decides he needs a new rider next spring and I'll maybe snag his old one, it's well maintained. I dont mind the trimming. My yard is almost all at an incline, not much, but enough to make it more work with a push. At 41 and I have one not so great knee too, it's just time. It takes me an hour and a half to mow my parents lawn with a rider. I've done it after work plenty of times when my parents are on vacation. Thagt never seems to piss me off as I can mow and drink a beer at the same time......

10/8/18 @ 5:32 PM
User since 7/22/01


We have about a 1/2 acreish. With a bad knee, even a self-propelled mower is a pain for me, no pun intended.

IMO, don't buy a craftsman, Dad had one, I have one, they are junk nowadays.

Just be certain it has a cup holder , pop those ear buds in and putt putt along.

Only bad part is, depending on the yard, there will be more trimming, which I hate worse than mowing. 

Edit: It does come with other issues, blades are a pain to get at and you need to keep the deck level. Some won't mow in reverse, etc etc. 

10/8/18 @ 5:13 PM
User since 1/17/12

Finally had enough push mowing. I'm buying a small rider. Mowing is the one task I absolutely cant stand doing. Only takes me half an hour or so to mow my yard with a push mower but I'm just tired of doing it after 10-11 hour work days, and sweating my nuts off every time I do it. Spring and fall doing it 2-3x a week is too much aggravation with a push mower. My retired neighbors yard is about the same size and he has a small rider. He never seems pissed off when he is mowing like I am. I need to go down that road too.....

9/10/18 @ 8:44 AM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01

Did you watch a lot of Bugs Bunny when you grew up? Mrt.

9/9/18 @ 10:24 AM
Annes Regret
MEMBER since 7/7/11

My one neighbor is a maroon. After all this rain I'm cutting at 4 inches. They on the other hand are cutting at 3 inches or less. What a mess with their grass clippings. Worst of all they're blowing it onto my lawn and sometimes they're raking and burning green grass. Nothing but a smoke signals blowing my way. Can't even open my windows with this nice cool weather.

Being retired I'd rather cut it twice or go over it twice. Even when I was working 10 or 12 hour days or nights I'd spend time keeping my yard looking nice. Should have put this on the grip site.

9/6/18 @ 5:27 PM
User since 3/9/03

When I worked for a landscape business we always put fertilizer down and rolled the sod over it, helps with the shock of transplant. as long as the roots arent dying it should be ok, but pull up  piece and see if if has water rot. if it does spray it with miracle grow. It may depend on what is underneath. if you planted it on sandy soil the nutrients may have all been used up. My lawn is like that. When we did the final grade the excavator tried to spread out the black dirt the best he could but we still have a lot of sandy areas, that require fertilizer. As soon as that fertilizer is used up it gets all brown because it doesnt have natural soil. the best thing to do in that case is to continue to spread black dirt over the area lightly to give it nutrients, since it is a lawn it may not build up a layer of "food", if it doesnt get any other nutrients from nature. Just my own opinion, not a profressional just an old guy who knows a few things. I have to put turf builder on those parts of the lawn that dont have the black dirt, and as soon as it gets used up it turns brown. I have customers who get a load  of black dirt every year and spread it out in those areas until they dont need it as much.

9/6/18 @ 4:52 PM
One shot one kill
MEMBER since 8/12/02

Does anyone make pontoons for a lawn mower ??

9/6/18 @ 2:29 PM
User since 10/3/12

consider it a set back and give it time.

Most new lawns experience setbacks and they bounce back.

ps not a professional

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