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Las Vegas

6/1/16 @ 7:12 PM
Dave (Golden)
Dave (Golden)
MEMBER since 6/22/01

I have stayed at the Luxor several times over the last two years for work on the High Roller Farris Wheel and the Slotzilla Zip Line on Freemont St. Luxor is nice, customer service is better than average. 

The worlds largest Ferris Wheel (High Roller) behind Ceasars is a unquie ride, I worked on the safety systems. A couple has already been arrested for having sex on it, so you can skip that. The Slotzilla zip line is OK.

I don't much gamble, so I can't help you much there.

If you want a nice ride take a trip out to Mount Charleston (Charleston Peak)and drive to the top. On the way up you will see various different ecosystems as the elevation changes. There is a nice resort on the Mountain if you would like to stay there a couple nights.

Richard Petty driving experience at LV Motor Speedway... That was awesome..

2/20/17 @ 9:59 PM
Alex the dog
User since 12/27/01

Have been to Vegas 2 times in last 3 years for business.  Have stayed at the Venitian and Palazzo.   Both very nice with decent pools and close to a lot of attractions.    Over the two years we went out to Red Rock Canyon with Pink Jeep Tours.   Great scenery and nice accommodations.   This past year we took a kayak tour with Evolution Expeditions below the Hoover Dam that was awesome.   We also walked to Welder Up and Kounts Kustums (from the TV shows) and ate some great BBQ at Rolling Smoke BBQ.   

There is a lot to do without sitting in a casino.  


2/20/17 @ 8:20 PM
Brent Hess
MEMBER since 12/18/07

Had to bring this thread back.  Every year my two boys and my wife head somewhere warm for Spring Break.  We've been to Jamaica, Mexico (twice), Florida etc - but this year with my oldest in college, the boy's spring breaks don't line up, so my wife and I decided to head to Vegas for a long weekend.  We have not been there in 15+ years. 

The last time we were there we much preferred Fremont Street over the strip.  We stayed at Lady Luck, but I believe Lady Luck has since been remodeled.  Has anyone stayed downtown lately?  We'll likely fly Allegiant Air out of Rockford - usually a decent price with direct flights.   

We have been thinking about staying at the Golden Nugget, but would be interested in where other folks have stayed. 

The Woodlands Resort
(262) 661-3968
6/7/16 @ 6:23 PM
User since 2/21/06

You will not like the Circus it was full of unsavory people. I stayed at the Luxor and Southpoint and loved them both. Rent a car and hit the parks. Death Valley, Hoover Dam, Mt Charles, Grand Canyon,Red rock. Fremont street was a blast too. 

6/3/16 @ 10:53 AM
User since 1/19/02

"If you like the gangster era you have to check out the mob museum"

Cap't Andy, that is one regret I have that I did not go see and it was literally steps away from where we were staying.  Went to Gold & Pawn (Pawn Stars shop) and that definately was not worth the hype.

We flew Allegiant.  It was nothing fancy but can't beat a direct flight!

6/3/16 @ 8:57 AM
User since 4/9/03
Check out allegiant air as well. They have direct flights out of some smaller airports. They only fly on certain days but are cheap. 

6/3/16 @ 8:10 AM
User since 4/30/08

thank you backwards!! i'm looking forward to just staying in bed for the entire first day!!!!!:)

flying out of chicago sunday at 5am should be interesting though. that'll make for a long day after driving down from GB at midnight or so (friday wedding).

6/3/16 @ 7:41 AM
User since 1/10/03

 I forgot one last piece of advice.  Don't overlook flying out of O'Hare instead of Milwaukee.  The last time my wife and I went, we saved a substantial amount of money per/person by flying out of O'Hare over Milwaukee.  It more than made up for the extra cost of parking and the extra hour drive.  Plus then you don't have to fly Southwest, the dumpster in the sky. 

6/2/16 @ 10:42 PM
Pete Pete Pete
User since 12/21/05

6/2/16 @ 7:24 PM
sassy 1
User since 8/25/09

Circus circus is definitely a dump,used to be something in the seventies. We stopped there in February just for a blast from the past but it's beyond bad

Paris,ballys,Harrah are okay good location if you want to be on strip.i prefer off the strip Sams town, Boulder station. Silverton has a awesome bass pro shop great place. Do yourself a favor check out TripAdvisor great casino reviews and things to do .I'll be there in a week .have fun Goodluck 

6/2/16 @ 6:51 PM
User since 11/11/15

Where would I go if I enjoy the Gangsta era?

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