Having problems with the 2d sonar and right side of the side imaging. The 2d shows a blank white screen if I switch to switch fie mode I can pick up a little reading not much, checked to make sure the sonar is on, tried all the different transducer beams, reset defaults, bought a new transducer all with no luck. 

The side imaging left side works but the right is blank, checked the setting to make sure it's set for both sides. 

Last season was having problems with the 2d not reading the depth properly, would not auto adjust to the depth, now this. 

The screen also pulsate colors so I thought it maybe interference since I just set it up on a new boat. 

I have not updated any software,  iam going to try that next, last time I looked I was up to date, 

I do have the current navtronics lake master chip.

The unit is hooked up to a new 80 terrova with I link.

Power is hooked to the cranking battery. 

Head unit is hooked to the trolling motor by either net cable, tried unhook in either net cable, still no reading.