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11/3/17 @ 8:48 PM
One shot one kill
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While on a long drive back from vacation I thought of these . 

Do they even make them or are they completely illegal now ? 

I remember that some States banned them .

11/4/17 @ 11:43 AM
User since 1/12/05

If I remember right, back in the 80's you could get some car models with a detector built in as an option. Then again there was factory installed CB's at the time also. I have an old Cobra model and haven't used in decades. These worked really good, but the problem was you pretty much already knew where the speed traps were going to be (at the edge of little towns, just over the ridge on the freeway, certain spots near ranger or weight stations, etc.) and the detector helped you learn where they all were. I still would use it all the time as a little insurance, but it became just another nuisance. Then there were the smart cops that didn't fire up the radar until they already had you in sight, and the detector would go strait into scream mode, it's already too late. Once they started upgrading to laser or whatever, well I just drive a reasonable speed. Not worth pushing the envelope just to save a few minutes on the trip.

11/4/17 @ 9:20 AM
User since 6/14/05

just did a quick search and yes they do, they even still have the "whistler". Was on the road for many years but never invested in this toy...Cincinnati Microwave made a killing on these things...they made the radar guns, then the radar detectors, then they made detector detectors, then the laser gun, then the detector...back in the (Smokey and the Bandit) days guys would use the common ice fishing flasher, mounted on the dash with transducer mounted in the grill to mess up radar (allegedly), oh yea, forgot the jammers...but being tired, retired, worn out, and get a nose bleed going over 70 anyway, I probably don't need one now either. 

11/4/17 @ 2:27 AM
MEMBER since 2/5/05

Why not just follow the law? 

11/4/17 @ 12:10 AM
User since 11/4/08

In Wisconsin they are legal.  Speed traps laser are always used, and like mentioned before, it will detect a laser, but it's too late when detected and your busted.  It could help you if the officer continues to ping you with the laser waiting for you to get to a certain speed. That gives you time to slow down.  They do help tho, many times the officers laser gun is actually in the trunk of the vehicle, so them using genrap radar would be more common.  

11/3/17 @ 11:44 PM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

I always equated these to deer whistles... remember those ?

11/3/17 @ 11:28 PM
Short Fat Bald Sexy Guy
Short Fat Bald Sexy Guy
User since 6/27/08

Police radar sends out a broad signal and can be detected if it's being directed at a car in front of you.  Police laser sends out much smaller and precise laser and normally can't be detected until it hits your car.  Then it's too late.  You're busted.  I believe most police departments use laser these days.

There are laser jammers available that usually mount in the grill of the car and block the laser signal.  The problem is there are many different types of laser signals that different laser guns use and they are also evolving to more over the years.  So you can spend $400 or more on a laser jammer but it might not even do the job.

11/3/17 @ 9:45 PM
User since 10/3/12

this might be your best answer

I think the best method is to find another driver who has more cajones than you and stay 1/2 mile behind him (her)

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