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First date movies

4/26/14 @ 9:45 PM
One shot one kill
MEMBER since 8/12/02
My mind was wandering today . What was the worst movie you ever took a first date to . And did he/she ever go out with you again . Mine was " Quest for Fire ". And she did !

5/3/14 @ 3:21 PM
User since 1/12/05
2001 IS a long time away iwinger.

I went on kind of a double date thing as kids, saw The Sound of Music, a 1965 movie but I think it was closer to 1968 when we did this. The girl I liked became a steady around 8th grade and thru high school. Few years after high school we married. So we were an item over 45 years, now married 34 of those years and still going strong.

5/3/14 @ 9:43 AM
User since 2/1/10
2001 Space Odyssey in 1969 was still our second date. That was when 2001 seemed a long time away. Still going strong after some 45 years together.

5/2/14 @ 10:57 AM
User since 7/24/03
Date included the zoo, a tanino's pizza, and the original teenage mutant ninja turtles movie. Been married 23 years now to my best friend

5/2/14 @ 10:49 AM
Cold Front
User since 7/9/01
The quart of PBR probably kicked in right after the cartoons. Good memories of the drive ins. Mrt,

4/30/14 @ 3:34 PM
Cold Front
User since 7/9/01
I can't recall if it was the first date but it was early in the process. I took my honey to see "The Wall" by Pink Floyd. I thought it would be a "roadie " type movie about the band, kind of like the Beatles movies. WRONG . It was all psychedelic screen shots, kind of like some screen savers. There was no story, just music and moving wallpaper etc. We kept waiting for the movie to start. Never did. Bailed after 20 minutes. Still married, 30 years. Mrt

4/30/14 @ 12:28 AM
MEMBER since 3/4/06
Well coach,you are showing your age alittle bit however my first picture with my late wife was Gone with the Wind. It's funny how things change.

4/29/14 @ 8:06 PM
'da Coach
'da Coach
User since 12/23/08
I took my wife to see Pulp Fiction for our first date.

I thought the movie was awesome, but she's a bit on the reserved side, personality-wise, and I don't recall us talking much about the movie afterwards.

Fast-forward nineteen years and she makes a point of mentioning that she hated that movie, and, to make the point even more clear (since I must be kinda thick) she hates all other ultra-violent movies.

I asked her why she didn't say so at the time and she responds, "I didn't want to be impolite".

So a guy takes you to a movie you find disgusting, and you not only don't mention that you didn't like it, but you end up marrying the guy, too?

Women! Go figure!

4/27/14 @ 4:11 PM
split shot
split shot
User since 6/19/01
"First Blood", while in college.

Just celebrated our 29th anniversary.

(I suppose I could also post this movie title to the bowel movment thread.)

Edit: Thinking back that was a double date. The other guy is a fraternity brother of mine; the other gal is a sorority sister of my wife. Those too also got married, and still are. And, both ladies actually enjoyed the movie!

4/27/14 @ 9:20 AM
User since 9/27/01
Ugh. This brings back some bad memories. I took a girl on a double date to see Platoon for a first date. At the time. I knew that it was a war movie but really didn't take the time to read what it was about. It's not like you could Google it back then. Quite honestly I was just happy that the girl was going out with me. I knew that her dad had been in the Army so I figured that it would be OK. Turned out that her dad saw a lot of action in Vietnam, still suffered from PTSD and was dying from whatever it was that Agent Orange was doing to the returning Vets. Not good.

On the brite side, I took a girl to see A Few Good Men on December 12, 1991. I married her three years later and we'll be celebrating 20 years next year. At least I got that one right.

4/27/14 @ 7:46 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01
Night of the Living the drive in...good flick

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