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Distribution of Packer tickets within family

4/27/14 @ 9:07 PM
User since 2/13/02
This is real thorn in my side and I need some imput. Myself and 3 other siblings took over my parents season tickets for the Packer games. They have been in the family since the ice bowl, but my Dad no longer wished to go since my mom past away in 1993. My dad gave the tickets to my brother in law for one season(who lived in Illinois), but he no longer wanted the responsibility. So, he gave them to my older brother and had all the mailings delivered to his home address in northwestern Wisconsin(Viking Country). It was agreed that when my Dad passed away(a few years back), that the tickets remain in the family. We all put up $1600 apiece or $6400 to keep our seats, due to the stadium renovation and all that good stuff. When the schedule comes out, he usually takes the first home game. One of my siblings has no interest in any games and my other sibling may take a game. I may or may not take a game depending on who they are playing. Usually after everyone makes a decision(within the family core) he will open the other games up to our kids and if they pass on them, he will open it up to his brother-in-law who he feels that they have bailed him out numerous times when he can't get rid of them and they did pay extra awhile ago when my brother was selling the extras and try to recoup our $1600 per ticket. Now, it seems like we are only allotted one game per year and his two brother in laws are now in the mix and I never got an opportunity at another game. All he does is whine and complain on how he has to put $25oo on his charge card and its gaining interest, wants the money in a hurry, because he is gaining interest, so on and so forth. My question is, maybe its time to give up the responsibility of the tickets? or I will take them? Should his two brother in laws cough up $1600 and give them a share in the tickets considering one of my siblings doesn't go to the games anyways? Am I in the wrong in telling my brother that his two brother in laws must wait until the family core games are taken and they get sloppy seconds and its to bad that the $2500 is gaining interest on his charge card? This is a yearly problem it escalates again and again when the schedule comes out. Dull

4/28/14 @ 9:50 AM
User since 9/24/03
The way it sounds it that your brother is being a complete d-bag. As others have said, you can get tickets pretty easily if you are patient and know where to look. The playoff situation was a bit of an anomaly that can't accurately be used in this scenario. That was due to changes the NFL forced on teams for how they handled their post-season tickets... If I was in your shoes I'd tell the brother to go and pound sand and let him deal with the brothers in law who won't pony up the cash right away. Right now it's probably easier for him to treat you like crap on this than the brothers in law because the presence of a wife forces him to play nicer with them than you.

It will only get worse as kids grow up and everyone wants to get their hands on them. If he has kids, those brothers-in-law have kids, etc. the availability becomes scarcer and scarcer. Those brothers-in-law are probably bragging how they have season tickets when the reality is that they don't. They belong to your family, not theirs yet their perception will be different.

My aunt has both the Green and Gold packages. The way she got around this issue is that BEFORE the money is due she has a list of people who she offers the ones she won't use to. Her kids get first crack, grandkids, get second, and then to her own siblings. If you are interested in tickets you pay her BEFORE the money is due...not after so that she can avoid fronting money on unclaimed tickets. If you don't pay, too bad. Any tickets that are left unclaimed/unwanted by the date that money is due get turned back in to the ticket office. No hard feelings, no escalating interest charges, everyone is happy.

4/28/14 @ 8:45 AM
User since 7/20/09
Sounds like a situation I would not want to be in. Family and money never mix well.

What I did was put my 2 year old son on the waiting list, he was number 103,000 something. Didn't think much of it, but then I started getting emails for tickets. They apparently give people on the waiting list first crack at leftover tickets or something like that. I could have went to each home game this year if I wanted to. Like Benuts said, tickets aren't hard to get. I'm guessing the seats were maybe not great, but I could choose to go or not and had no financial responsibility if I chose not to. I like that better than paying all that money each year, especially with a preseason game included in that.

4/27/14 @ 10:26 PM
User since 1/19/02
The price to shell out for season tickets is beyond rediculous. I have had a couple opportunites to take over some of our family's season tickets and cannot justify spending that. My wife and I have gotten 2 separate notices to purchase Brown County Lottery tickets and we passed that up too. It is not hard to find a ticket to go a Packer game as it use to be. Last Packer Playoff game being proof of that.

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