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Beware Best Buy!

12/10/14 @ 9:27 PM
User since 12/21/01
Something appears to be going on there, and it's not good.

I ordered an item on 12/7 for home delivery, a Christmas gift. Today I received an email stating it would not be available until January 6th, and that I could cancel online.

I tried to cancel online twice, got a message "Unable to process" and said I should call.

I called, waited half an hour, the person I talked to said she tried to cancel my order three times, and that she could not. She said she would get me to someone else "immediately".

Fifteen minutes later, I got another person who said she could not process my cancellation because the order was ready for pickup, 138 miles away..

I started laughing and said, "No. I already ordered from another vendor based on your company's email stating my Christmas gift was coming two weeks after Christmas. Beyond that, my order was for home delivery, not pick up 138 miles away."

Her response was "I'm sorry sir but your order is ready for pickup at Melrose Park. The order can not be cancelled now.".

I won't repeat what I said at that point, but I'm am going to help my fellow forum members by telling them this true story of what is going on at Best Buy now. Buyer beware.

12/22/14 @ 6:25 AM
User since 12/21/01
"Best Buy has a policy that if an order is not pickup up at the store in 8 days, you are automatically refunded. "


The last Best Buy rep I spoke to admitted my package was never scheduled for pickup.

The issue here is not what you have to do to return to Best Buy.

The issue that it looks like it is now Best Buy's policy to not allow cancellation of orders if they cannot fulfill them as promised.

That is a big deal, at least in my opinion.

Let's say a person sees a good deal on a 70" tv they want to buy for the Super Bowl party, and they order it the weekend before because it is "in stock, will be delivered that week".

Best Buy sends them a notice mid week, says it will be delivered in a month, gives them a phony link to cancel, then they speak to seven Best Buy reps who tell them they cannot cancel or refund.

The person could be out a couple for while until the returns you speak of happen.

This is exactly what happened to me, and they didn't cancel until I told this story to PayPal and disputed them having my money.

12/17/14 @ 6:53 AM
User since 6/22/01
Best Buy has a policy that if an order is not pickup up at the store in 8 days, you are automatically refunded.

12/16/14 @ 10:29 PM
User since 12/21/01
Rifleman- I checked, Best Buy refunded yesterday, the Pay Pal claim apparently carries more weight than me saying, "Hey, you guys shouldn't take my money.".

12/15/14 @ 9:05 PM
User since 4/16/11
If you pay with Pay-pal. You are covered and i have had maybe 3 things shipped that were broken or not right. One e-mail or call to pay-pal and its fixed.

12/15/14 @ 6:48 PM
User since 11/30/13
They sell buzzbaits at best buy???? Big Smile

12/12/14 @ 8:42 AM
User since 7/20/09
Best Buy is just Amazon's showroom anyway. I did buy a stereo there the other week because I wanted it right away but the volume already broke. Taking it back tonight, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a smooth return. Then I'll look online lol.

I won't buy things from places like Sears anymore. I don't expect them to be around in the future when I might need parts or something like that.

12/11/14 @ 1:05 PM
User since 10/3/12
I dont frequent Sears like I did many years ago but in the past 10 years I bought 2 televisions there (still work like new) and am pleased with the quality and value. The kenmore washer we bought 12 years ago is good and reliable.

12/11/14 @ 8:12 AM
User since 5/27/03
Best Buy, Radio Shack, Sears....their business model is broken...don't expect to see them around too much longer. In fact, they may already be out of business....they just don't know it yet.

Oh...and by the way...thumbs up on Amazon Prime!!!

12/11/14 @ 8:01 AM
User since 1/10/03
Jethro - I thought PayPal offered protection as well. You paid for something you never received. I believe you can file a complaint on PayPal and they may refund your money.

12/11/14 @ 7:45 AM
User since 5/29/06
That's crap. Hopefully you get it resolved. Another vote for Amazon Prime. Ordered a fuel filter and it showed up broken. They offered free return shipping but once I said I wanted to buy a new one, they told me to just keep the broken one. Plus with not having cable, Prime has some good cartoon offerings for the kids.

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