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2/12/08 @ 11:00 AM
kind of like the ask a warden thread. seems whenever a thread with a question about what a car is worth or about the car buying processed is asked it ends up getting fairly cluttered with a lot of questions that could be put here. if you have a question about anything to do with buying a car ask it here. i would be happy to answer any of your questions as long as they aren't degrading and stay on topic. i sell chevrolet, buick, dodge, chrysler, and jeep. i can't speak for anyone else but i would imagine there are other car salespeople on here that might sell other brands and would be willing to answer questions here.


1/23/20 @ 2:11 PM
One shot one kill

As far as for trade in  . I have takenthe last 4 vehicles into Carmax  . Price is guaranteed for a week plus now you know if dealers offer is any good . My last one CM offered me 4500 more than the dealer.  

1/23/20 @ 1:19 PM
USER SINCE 7/11/01

The on the lot better deal has to do more with end of year stuff.  Otherwise a freshly ordered vehicle is a better deal because of something called "hold back".  That is a cost savings deal where the dealer doesn't pay full invoice cost out of the gate. It is usually about 3% of the cost of the vehicle prorated over 90 days.  So, on day 1, the dealer saves the full 3%, and on day 90, they owe the full price to the manufacturer.  This clearly doesn't apply to vehicles that have been on the lot for over 90 days, and any incentive will be manufacturer driven.  The only new truck I have ever purchased was an ordered Silverado that I picked up the day it arrived at the dealer.  I paid less than invoice by about 2.5%.  They still made $500+.  

1/23/20 @ 9:28 AM
USER SINCE 6/12/03

I bought a new F150 two years ago and a new Suburu Ascent two days ago for wifey. On the truck between 2 dealers with my Silverado trade in there was $8000 difference on the 2 deals.  $4000 of it was trade in value of my truck. $30,000 vs $34,000 and the rest was off the top of the MSRP.  The better deal was AND will always be better on a vehicle they have on the lot.  

Generally with the internet there isn‘t much wiggle room on pricing.  Id say $500-$1000 at most dealers.  Its manufacter rebates mostly.  You want the brand new redesigned 2020 model the month it comes out you’re pretty much going to pay sticker price for it.  You want the 2019 model that they are trying to get rid of to make room for the new model you might get $5000 or $6000 off of that one.  We went shopping on Dec 31 and that was the deal.  You have to remember the next day that 2019 vehicle is a year old.

Timing manufacturers deals varies they all roll out new stuff at different times.  Between Toyota and Suburu there was $9000 difference for a similar equipped SUV. The reason was the Toyota Highlander was newly redesigned and just starting to come out.

Typically what I’ve done is call up a dealer and ask them what can I buy that vehicle for in cash?  They ham haw around and dont want to do it but eventually I get a price.  So now you kinda know what the incentives are and what you can kinda expect to get off on that model for that time of the year.  The only variable left is trade in value.  You have to take your vehicle in for that and it can vary a fair amount.

1/23/20 @ 8:15 AM
USER SINCE 2/13/17

"River_Chaser, I bought my F-150 last fall that way. Mine was about 16% below MSRP. No dealing off internet price. No catches. "

You have to catch it right at the time, if you find a truck you like and are ok with waiting a bit, the longer it sits on the lot, the better the mfg incentives get. I did the same with mine. I was about 16% as well. I tried using X-Plan from Ford, (friends pricing) and that got me no-where near that 16%.

1/22/20 @ 10:11 PM
Joe D
USER SINCE 3/21/05

River_Chaser, I bought my F-150 last fall that way. Mine was about 16% below MSRP. No dealing off internet price. No catches.

1/21/20 @ 8:14 PM
USER SINCE 1/14/02

Guessing it was back in '08 when the daughter found a  '06 Dodge Stratus at Palmen in Kenosha listed on the net for $12,900.00 with 11,000 miles. Went their and they had it listed for $18,900 and after a test drive the salesman talked to his manager and dropped the price down to $15,900. Told him it was listed on line for $12,900 and after talking to his manager got it for $11,900.

Sure buying a used car now a days is completely different

1/21/20 @ 8:00 PM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

Does anyone have experience using a dealers "e-price" where they email you a rock bottom price on a new car that way below invoice?  

Currently I am looking at a new car e-price the dealer sent me is 12% below msrp but invoice is only 8% below msrp  . Thats a huge amount below their cost. I havent gone to the dealer yet to find out if theres a catch. The stated conditions are that its on in-stock cars only.   Hope to find time later in the week. 

1/21/20 @ 7:37 PM
USER SINCE 12/19/10

As short fat bald sexy guy and bow hunting guy stated, up front pricing is the way it is now due to competition and the internet. I originally leased my truck and decided to purchase it near the end of my lease and my wife was also due for a new vehicle. I thought we’d be able to negotiate especially since we were buying 2 vehicles. Not a chance!  I asked if they would detail my truck seems they detail all cars before they sell them, even though my truck wasn’t technically being bought off the lot. The guy said sure, that’ll be $189.00. I said no I was thinking u could throw that in for free, his answer “ why would we do that?”  I said “Good faith” he said “we can’t do that”.  The guy was getting kinda pissed at me but they wouldn’t budge on anything. He even let us leave before making a deal without giving us the last desperate salesman pitch.  We did go back a couple days later to purchase both vehicles cause my wife couldn’t find the vehicle she had her eye on with the same options anywhere else.  I don’t plan on buying anymore vehicles for a long time!

1/21/20 @ 4:34 PM
USER SINCE 12/4/02

If you look up a similar car you are interested in on Autotrader or Cargurus it can help determine what the vehicle is worth.  You can sort by mileage and options to narrow down a close match.  Then you can sort by what they categorize as "great deal" to get in the ball park.  I assume these sites use some combination of NADA and Edmunds to base their price ranges on. 

1/21/20 @ 2:01 PM
USER SINCE 10/3/12

H&H thats not a silly question. We all struggel with figuring out how to get treated fairly at the dealership.  But the answer is vague.

Couple web sources on pricing information and what the dealer may have paid are KBB  (kelly blue book) and NADA and Edmunds . 

Not all the sites have equal figures for a given car so its possible that a dealer would tell you he uses Edmunds pricing but purchased the car using NADA pricing.  If the car was purchased at auction its likely the dealer paid a lower price than what is published in NADA.  From what I can figure there is a 20-40% sticker price markup on used cars leaving room for profit knowing that price will be negotiated down.  So I wouldnt be shy about chewing 20-25% off the sticker price if your research says the dealer likely bought it for 40% under sticker price. 

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