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Trophy Brooke trout

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9/4/21 @ 9:25 PM
User since 10/31/15

What is the length you would say is a trophy. Please don’t add 2 inches, I need to make a decision

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1/17/23 @ 10:27 AM
User since 11/26/01

Kept the fish-it was in a stocked pond-so no chance of reproducing.  And, summer temperatures warm enough probably wouldn't survive through the summer.  Breeder fish from a hatchery that they put in this year.  SE Minnesota

1/16/23 @ 9:32 PM
User since 4/13/22

 Nice catch ifb  !! Released??  A few years ago I caught a 23” , 4lb brook trout on a Lake Michigan tributary while chasing some migratory rainbows. These Great Lake Brookies that run larger than inland fish are called Coasters . A splake will have a forked tail  where as a Coaster /Brook would have a straight tail , otherwise very similar. I would say an inland 15 “ is a trophy in WI.

1/16/23 @ 2:46 PM
User since 11/26/01

Not fly fishing-but this 17 inch I think counts.  Was a stocked lake-so streams I would set the mark at 12 inches often.  Tributary to Great Lakes, 16

1/16/23 @ 12:00 PM
User since 1/10/21

About 1977/78 I was fishing at what is known as Sheboygan North Point, a reef that projects into the lake. It's a spawning area for Browns and Brookies on Lake Michigan. Watched a guy land a pretty good fish while casting a blue/chrome Cleo. This fish was a tad over 8#. It wasn't until the fish died on the guys stringer that the colors started to come out and everyone realized it was a Brook Trout...a monster. He ran it up to Trilling Hardware and they weighed the fish on an official scale. They entered the fish in the annual Field & Stream contest and I believe it won.

1/13/23 @ 3:15 PM
User since 5/11/20

It really depends where you live. If you're fishing smaller creeks in NY, Michigan or maybe Wisconsin, a 14-inch brook trout is a really good fish. If you're in eastern Quebec or anywhere in Atlantic Canada where you can find sea-run brookies, you don't even bother taking a picture of anything under 20 inches. 

5/4/22 @ 11:07 AM
Flyrod Man
User since 8/13/09

15 inches

10/24/21 @ 1:13 PM
User since 7/3/01

This week, I caught a 22 inch brook trout in Lake Superior while splake fishing.   The old fisherman next to me identified it as a brook, not as a splake.

Being colorblind has its setbacks.

I could have caught my limit of brook and splake for 2 days.   But I set my own limit of a total of 3 fish.   I know some will criticize my decision, but the last 2 fishing trips to Lake Superior resulted in no harvest at all.

No, I will not share where the secret spot is at.

It was not caught on a fly, so this might not be the perfect place for this post.

10/23/21 @ 11:29 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 12/28/06

It depends on were your fishing and how often your able to get out.

9/7/21 @ 8:29 PM
User since 10/31/15

Thanks guys, I will preserve it. here is a more fitting pic of that fish. Also another picture of that special stream

9/7/21 @ 12:08 PM
User since 8/24/07

For Brookies, 15" seems to be the magic mark.  On the same small stream in Marinette county last year at this time, I saw a 15 1/2" a guy kept and the following weekend I got a 15" myself. GORGEOUS fish.  But I was camping and didn't really feel like I needed a mount so it was released.  A guy I lived with after college for a while had a 12" his brother caught on the upper Wolf. Never thought it was that impressive. 

9/7/21 @ 11:01 AM
User since 2/6/06

Yeah the fish you caught is a 14 inch tiger trout.  

I'd mount that.  I've caught 2 and both were under 10 inches.  catching one of those things is a pretty neat thing.  

9/7/21 @ 10:08 AM
User since 2/2/17

15 and larger is a trophy brook on 90% of streams in Wisconsin from my experience and backed up population surveys from the DNR.

What you have is a tiger trout and I would call a trophy regardless of size. 

9/7/21 @ 8:35 AM
User since 2/6/06

I'd say 15 and up is a true trophy for a stream brookie.  Most would go their whole life without getting close to a 20 inch stream brookie.  Lake brookies are another story but not a real comparison.  My biggest stream trout overall was a 22 inch brown and to me that is also a true trophy.  I couldn't imagine a 30 inch brown in a stream.  And by stream I mean not a lake run stream but a regular stream.  

9/7/21 @ 6:51 AM
User since 9/17/16

Hard to imagine a 20” Brookie in the waters I fish.  But then again, I never though it would produce a 15” fish and now those are relatively frequent.  Those battles are so much fun.

9/6/21 @ 9:15 AM
User since 1/10/19

Kutt, nice pic of a tiger trout.   The few I've caught all have been under 12.   As far as trophy brookies I think 20 is the gold standard, for browns 30.   Such fish certainly swim in Wisconsin streams.  

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