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1/6/23 @ 9:12 PM
User since 6/15/01

I'm thinking of heading down to some place south to do some fly fishing for trout this winter. I have a 14' boat I would take with me so I can hit some lakes to fish for crappie and walleyes. what do you fly fishers consider a bucket winter trout fishing trip? I'm kind of interested in the Arkansas Trout trail. I'm an experience fly fisher and may head as far south as Florida to fish saltwater with family friends. Give me some Ideas, I'm our of work and have a health budget to play with but I'm going to spent most of my time camping as I'm an avid backpacker so I can camp comfortably down to the single digits.

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3/27/23 @ 11:34 AM
User since 8/24/07
Man if you can get down to Florida and fly fish, that would be awesome.  Try the Indian River between Sebastian and Fort Pierce for speckled trout and ladyfish.  Some of the best fishing when they are biting.  I had a few days on the water there with my dad where it seemed like we had a strike on nearly every cast. 

3/15/23 @ 10:32 PM
User since 7/11/01
Good call on Arkansas.  Branson MO is pretty good below Table Rock. 

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