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6/10/13 @ 11:33 AM
User since 12/12/11
I am interested in learning to fly fish. So I picked up a cheap 59.00 combo from Cabelas. The problem is I can only cast it maybe 15 feet before I loose control of the line. I looked for some classes but they seem to be over here in Southern Wisconsin. Any one know of any classes coming up or anyone willing to teach a newb how its done?


5/20/15 @ 4:20 PM
User since 8/27/01
Look up Frank Hornberg chapter of TU located in Stevens Point. Matt is the president and has classes to tie and help people, they just finished last weekend at the Bible Camp. Tell him that the guy from Happy Camp who gives him all his business told you to call, he will take care of you! Once you get the hang of it, come on up to fish Pike and Speckles with us! Take care

3/14/15 @ 10:25 AM
West Fork Jason
Jason Stewart
User since 2/1/14
Consider joining up with your local chapter of Trout Unlimited.

3/12/15 @ 5:48 AM
User since 6/26/01
The Southern Wisconsin Trout Unlimited FREE fly casting class will be held April 18 at Salmo Pond which is on Highway 14 . Class starts at 9AM. There will be sessions on casting, equipment, in-stream techniques, and entomology (the bugs in the stream that the trout eat). The bug section will be taught by Michael Miller a stream ecologist with the WDNR. Equipment will be furnished.

5/11/14 @ 7:33 PM
User since 3/21/14
Orvis holds basic fly fishing classes that are free. I just attended one and thought it was well done. It is a starter course and you don't walk away a pro, but they work on casting and discuss several aspects of the craft. There is an Orvis store in Middleton.

They supply some basic (but not bottom of the barrel) rods and reels for the course and man, were my eyes opened using the ~$200 rods vs the junk that I started with. The newer, better rods and lines make casting a ton easier.

That was the 101 course. A 202 course gets you out on the pond side water for some practice actually catching some fish. That is coming up yet.


6/12/13 @ 7:34 PM
User since 12/12/11
Thanks for all the feed back. I have been watching lots of stuff on youtube for casting. One in particular the Scientific Angler instructional video helped me with roll casting. I am not accurate with it yet but I can most times get it in the general vacinity. I fishing the Yahara river between Mendota and Monona today and landed 3 largemouth, a few gills, some rock bass, a white bass and snagged a carp couldn't believe how fast he peeled the line. I locked up the reel on the carp however I don't think my 5wt could take the abuse. On my way home I stopped in Beaver Dam and hit the Beaver Dam river and landed 5 crappies. Was a lot of fun.

As far as casting goes I am getting a bit better. I can control the line longer however I still am not getting the fly to drop or any distance. My leader and tippet usually hit prior to the fly.

I am using wolly buggers currently should I try another lighter type of fly till I get the hang of casting?

I am currently looking to target bass trout and gills. Once I get the hang of it I want to fishing for lakers and salmon with some carp mixed in.

Thanks in advance

6/12/13 @ 1:32 PM
Lv'm & Lv'm
User since 5/13/11
I have some experience teaching for and guiding for an Orvis shop. PM me and I will give you a hand. I taught the person that taught a fly fishing class at UW-Madison for credits.

6/11/13 @ 7:30 PM
Flyrod Man
User since 8/13/09
Plenty of easy to follow instructions on the net. Just type fly fishing etc. If you are very interested in fly fishing, a good rod is important and a aid in casting, I wouldn't spend less than 100. You didn't say what wgt & lg your rod was, or what type of fishing you intend on using it for. This is important when purchasing a rod also.

6/10/13 @ 7:22 PM
User since 10/27/02
where you live?

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