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Transducer placement on a tiller boat

7/1/21 @ 5:54 PM
USER SINCE 11/18/09

So I just got a helix 10 with SI and everywhere I read along with the instruction manual says to put the transducer to the right of the engine; however, I have a tiller and plan to do some sharpeshooting with it and always fish off the left side of the boat.

My plan was to put it pretty far to the left of the engine.  Anyone with a tiller do this and how is your SI readings?



7/23/21 @ 8:28 PM
USER SINCE 1/10/12

All my boats tiller and wheel, have mounted transducer on the left side of boat

7/4/21 @ 8:53 AM
USER SINCE 6/19/01

I have a Helix 10 with SI on my 17.5 Navigator tiller with a 75HP on it. Mine is mounted on the right side according to the instructions. As long as you keep it far enough away from the prop I don't think you will have any issues whichever side it's mounted on. Make sure you level it after installation. Instructions for that can be found on the internet. I can run wide open and keep bottom readings but it starts struggling beyond 50 ft deep or so on a soft bottom when in auto mode.

7/3/21 @ 2:50 AM
USER SINCE 3/23/20

My boat is a 17 ft deep v with a 40 hp I mounted and have all my previous transducers on the left with no problems I have it mounted on one off those plates that's kind of like a small cutting board that screws in above the waterline. I have the helix7 g3 mega si. And the side imaging and all other functions work great. And a side note is the helix uses alot more power than my my last one a 597ci. Plus before I had a bow mount trolling motor I always mounted my transom trolling motor on the right. But all boats are different just my opinion.

7/2/21 @ 8:18 PM
USER SINCE 11/18/09

Thanks all again.  I just ordered a helix 9 DI so I can do my sharpeshooting on a completely different screen and have my SI ducer mounted on the right side where hummingbird reccomends it.

Appreciate the input!!

7/2/21 @ 5:03 PM
.Long Barrels
USER SINCE 12/9/14

I agree about a mounting plate but I didn't realize anyone mounts a ducer without one. Most I know has interference with prop wash,  If you don't,  you are one of the lucky ones.  Good for you,  must be nice.  

7/2/21 @ 1:28 PM

my SI ducer is mounted on the right side, and I get good readings without trimming the motor up... -----Tiller also ----

but it's your choice

what I do recommend is using a mounting plate... allows you to move/add things without drilling extra holes in your boat...

this is only an example, there other sizes available, on Amazon, etc...



7/2/21 @ 12:30 PM
.Long Barrels
USER SINCE 12/9/14

I run a tiller,  put it on the left....not to mention that only makes sense considering your graphs are over there.  ZERO reason to run them on the right and run the cables across the transom anyway.  you'll have to trim your motor up quite a bit to get a clear SI reading on the right.  Other than that,  you're good.   you should get a high speed ducer as well,  SI ducers don't pick up depth over 10 MPH.  They are like $90 i think,  mount that outside of your SI.  Just follow the directions from humminbird.  SI ducer needs to be higher than your typical 2d.

7/2/21 @ 10:11 AM
USER SINCE 11/18/09

Herky - I didn't even think of that, i assume i can just look at the hummingbird site and just a 2D on and mount it where i will be jigging and place the SI ducer exactly where hummingbird recommends.

thank you sir! 

7/2/21 @ 9:10 AM
USER SINCE 8/20/12

I believe that Hummingbird recommends transducer mounting on the starboard side of engine (with a clockwise prop spin) to avoid water disturbance while at higher speeds.  If mounted on the port side while fishing at low speeds trolling or drifting or while anchored I don't believe it will be an issue but that is just what I believe to be accurate, I have not tried it.

7/2/21 @ 7:40 AM
USER SINCE 6/12/03

I have a tiller also. I think what he is saying is he would like to mount the transducer more towards the port/left side of his boat so its closer to where he would be jigging over the port side while watching his new locator.  I fish that way to a lot and can often see my jig but not always.  

My transducers are in the center of my boat.  Side imaging is tucked up under the set back transom and another transducer glued inside the center of the bilge. 

If you really wanted the transducer closer to where your fishing maybe a second 2D one mounted on the transom on the left side just for jigging?

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