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Top Spinning Rods under $50

10/21/14 @ 2:44 AM
Big Fish Small Pond
User since 10/21/14
Just as the title reads, what would be some of the top spinning rods that I can look at under $50 for overall bass fishing(using different kinds of lure types with same rod)?

11/25/14 @ 3:55 PM
User since 10/9/09
I got a Cabela's brand ultralight a couple years ago for like $35. It definitely serves the purpose.

11/24/14 @ 4:37 PM
User since 2/1/06
Top spinning rod under $50? That's like saying whats the best smelling matter what you choose, its still just a P.O.S.

Save your $, Christmas is around the corner, maybe you get an extra $50...then buy at a sale, spring is a great time, lots of sales. The rod is too important to skimp on. The goal of fishing is catching fish, and a good rod will play the biggest role in long term success on the water.

11/2/14 @ 12:52 PM
drummer boy
drummer boy
User since 3/14/08
When I am going to buy a cheaper rod I go to fleet farm and look for a off brand.If you know what to look for you can find good deals on them.They can sell them cheaper because theres know advertising.I bought one in June after I broke an older rod that I just used for weed panfish.I think I paid 26 bucks, I am not saying its a Gloomis but it is way better then most name brand cheaper rods.

11/1/14 @ 4:42 PM
Grey Beard
User since 1/27/02
I have three 7'M spinning Lightning rods and 4 Cabela's XMLs that retail around $135. Unless my arm is tired, I have no preference when jigging for walleye. XMLs a little lighter but when using a superline the sensitivity difference not noticeably different.

The guides on the Lightning rod are larger so when they are icing up a bit use them vs XMLs. If I were to buy another rod it would be the regular Lightning rod vs the shock version that sells for a bit more that has 8 guides and a fast tip action for super lines. Both are on sale for about $10 off at Walmart.

Grey Beard

11/1/14 @ 3:19 PM
User since 6/16/09
Another here that the Lightin Rod is a great value for the money. I own 3 of them. Am also fond of the Bass Pro Shop rods. Own 4 of those. One is a Pro Qualifier that I recieved as a birthday present, Have 2 Extremes that I always have with me and 1 Crankin Stick. The Ugly Sticks are great for the money also, I just don't care for the tip action on them.

10/23/14 @ 11:13 AM
User since 10/17/04
I agree with the Berkeley lightning rods as possibly one of the best bang for buck spinning rods. I actually really like the gander mountain vortex rods as well!

10/22/14 @ 4:31 AM
User since 1/22/12
I like to wait for gander to put their IM8 Guide Series on sale and snatch a couple up every year. Most of the time they go for anywhere around $60-$70 but the last couple years they've had a lot of 30-40 percent off sales. Pretty nice all around rod with awesome sensitivity, well balanced, and good back bone. Combo it with the Phlueger President and you got in my opinion what feels like a $200.00 set-up.

10/22/14 @ 1:11 AM
MEMBER since 5/19/03
You'll be VERY pleasantly surprised and satisfied by choosing any of the Berkley Amp series of rods for only $29.95. In my opinion and experience, you won't find a better rod for the buck. Good luck with your search. Tight Lines!

10/21/14 @ 9:39 PM
antler junkie
User since 8/17/05
Agree 100% boge,it's easy for some people to say "just spend more money",but that wasn't the question that was asked on this thread.Agree about staying away from the Cabelas rods too.

10/21/14 @ 9:27 PM
User since 2/2/06
I don't think you'll find a Convergence for under 50$.i agree with the other posters too,but there was a time when I could barely afford 50$ for a fishing rod.Under 50 ya gotta go with a Ugly Stick or Lightning Rod.Dont go with Cabelas sale priced rods either,I've experienced bad luck with tourney trails in particular.

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