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suggestions for a hand held GPS

1/24/18 @ 10:53 PM
User since 1/24/02

Im looking to buy a GPS, I want to use for finding waypoints, marking waypoints and tracking myself into the deep woods,and making my way out!

If Im out on the ice and a freind tells me to go to a lat and long position I want to be able to find it.

Ive had ones where as soon as i leave the confines of a town, or get under the trees i lose signal.

I want to go out on Bay Denok and fine the spots ive marked in the last few years

thanks in advance for you input!

2/5/18 @ 10:09 AM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

I enjoy the Navionics app on my phone as well as on my tablet, but I also have  Hummingbird Helix 7 mounted on an ice box that I utilize as well.  II have both the Lakemaster and Navionics chip for that unit as well.

1/28/18 @ 9:41 AM
User since 12/26/01

love my Garmin 60CSx.... topo of US...older unit ,,, newer ones are probably even better ... $$$

1/26/18 @ 8:21 PM
og tower
User since 8/26/12

I have a garmin 64st that I use for hunting and fishing. It can take lithium batteries which really improves the battery life and it works just about anywhere, can't say the same for a phone. Another plus is the large buttons which means you dont have to take off gloves to operate it.

If you are somewhat tech savy you can download garmin base camp for free and import contour maps for lakes or satellite images of hunting land onto it. There is a guy on youtube who has videos on how to do it.

1/26/18 @ 9:51 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

I remember when you could go to Bay De Noc and not have anyone w in 500 yards of you.  those days were over 15 years ago.  we used to use 2 way radios and not have to worry about people following you around or looking for you.

1/26/18 @ 9:31 AM
User since 1/24/02
Thanks for the input!, I had and old garmin but I lost it somewhere, have an etrax, thats 15 years old and im not up to snuff with it, my bad. Im going to the stores to look at them first hand , hopefully there will be some one there that can explain differences and i can gauge my "need" for one. I love the idea of marking fishing spots, winter or summer so I can return to them. I am going to look into phone app,although I am cynical about using an app on my phone,just one more reason to be attached, synced, tracked, followed. Remember the days when you could go out on the ice and it would be quiet? there wasnt someone sitting in a shack by themselves and talking away? It seems everywhere you go someone is talking on their phone , today I've become accustomed to walking into a public bathroom and listening to some ones conversation while they sit in a stall, LOL,ah technology!

1/26/18 @ 6:21 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

jared,  excellent call.  Yes,  charging packs are fairly inexpensive and work great.  I have one for work trips.  Totally forgot.  Good post.

1/25/18 @ 12:48 PM
User since 7/22/01


If you go the phone route, you could always get a charging pack to go along with it. They are fairly cheap during the Amazon daily deals or sales.

1/25/18 @ 8:53 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

any cheap GPS will work nowadays.  If you never intend on loading maps or anything and just using it for backtrack mode and marking spots,  I'd imagine you can get away with something fairly inexpensive.  

I can tell you that i get full service on little bay de phone is an option.  I have verizon and I talk on the ice no issues.  I assume you mean Bay De Noc....

1/25/18 @ 7:55 AM
User since 9/27/01

If you're going to be in areas where you have decent cell signal, look into the Navionics app for your phone.  But know that if you have a weak signal, it will eat through your battery fairly fast.  Good signal and you're all right.

Past that I can't recommend a good handheld as I haven't bought one in 20 years.  I still have my Garmin 45XL from the mid-90's.  Still works and gets me to way points and specific coordinates when I'm in more remote areas.  I plan to use it in Canada this spring.

An older used hand held unit can be had pretty cheap on Ebay if you're just looking to set and follow way points and find specific spots via coordinates.  But I'm cheap so go with what works for you.

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