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Spinning Reel suggestions

3/16/20 @ 3:14 PM
User since 9/22/01

Hi I am looking for suggestions on Spinning reels in the $100-$125 range.  I am typically casting for Large and Smallmouth bass and Walleye.  Looking for ultra smooth drag features and ability to make long casts with 1/8- 3/8 oz lures.  I am casting finesse plastics, stick and lip-less cranks etc. Tight lines !!


11/14/20 @ 9:16 AM
User since 11/14/20

I purchased 2 Piscifun CarbonX 2000 reels this year. They only sell online. its a bit of a leap but I have been happy. Super light, smooth and tough. I haven't had any issues with either of them. In fact this last weekend I hauled in a 66" paddle fish while jigging for walleye. The fish made multiple long runs over the course of about 30 minutes and everything went smooth. I believe that they sell for about 75 each.

11/3/20 @ 12:56 AM
User since 12/26/18

I agree with Fish4Musky, I like my Pfleugers quite a bit. 

I have a President on a medium action rod that I use primarily for soft plastics, and a Supreme that I use with a medium heavy rod - that one is a good all purpose combo. 

10/28/20 @ 1:31 PM
User since 6/18/13

I have 6 spinning reels from different manufacturers and price points. I really like the Pflueger president for a recommendation. I’ve got 3 and have had them for multiple years and on average of 2-4 times a week. Never have failed far  and work well. 

10/27/20 @ 5:39 PM
User since 6/8/20

Under that price range, I love my Pflueger President. Mostly use it for topwater and lighter plastics like wacky worms.

10/24/20 @ 10:10 AM
User since 10/21/20

Personally I love the Daiwa BG line of reels.  It fits the price range you're looking at and has a great drag system.  It's pretty versatile in what all you can do with it. And I've found replacement parts for it are pretty easy to get. I wrote a pretty detailed post on why I like it here  if you want to read more about it. 

If you're looking for something under $100 though, I'd agree with some of the other posts that the Pflueger President is a great spinning reel with most of the same benefits the BG has.  It has a nice drag system and isn't as bulky as the BG. So if you're looking for something a little smaller it's a great reel for that.

Also, I recently tested out the Penn Pursuit 3 and can say it's a pretty nice reel as well.  It's their newer model and an upgrade to the Pursuit 2, which I didn't like.  I really liked the drag system on it, as well as the size and weight. It's light weight and is pretty small and condensed.  So again, if you don't like a bulky reel I would say to check out the Pursuit 3. It's also under $100 which is a nice benefit as well.

9/11/20 @ 11:48 PM
Mr. Tom
User since 1/19/19

Pflueger President on about 6 rods

Piscifun Carbon X on the other 2 rods

Either are your best choices for the money

9/11/20 @ 8:38 AM
User since 5/11/10

I was a big Shimano fan until 2 years ago when I ran into the same lack of access to parts .  I started using my first Lew's reel two years ago and now own three more with very good results and I use them everyday during the open water season with no problems.

9/10/20 @ 10:08 AM
User since 3/27/06

I was a Shimano user until about eight years ago when I needed a part. I don't recall the exact policy, but I was upset that I could not buy a part for a reel because it was considered "too old". Switched to Pflueger's and have never looked back

9/10/20 @ 8:50 AM
MEMBER since 11/5/17

I’m in agreement with Big Musky. I’ve always owned top of the line or near top Shimono reels but after using PISCAFUN for 5 months there’s no reason to go back. You can buy 3 Piscafuns for the price of 1 Shimono and they’re a lighter reel with a smoother drag. some of my Stradics are 20 ? Years old and work fine . Maybe the Piscafuns will last, maybe not! CARPIO     Edit:   I also own 3 PFLUGER reels and They also work fine.

9/9/20 @ 6:13 PM
User since 9/8/20

For new reels, I like Pflueger Supremesfor just less than $100.

But, I have gone to using the vintage DAM Quick reels from the early seventies for just about all my fishing. These just don't wear out and have all metal internal parts. They can be had for $20 at the flea markets. 

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