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portable generators

1/27/20 @ 10:26 AM
User since 2/26/13

Looking into the possible purchase of a portable generator to charge boat batteries. First: any info if a 1000 W unit is large enough for my three bank on board charger? Second: A number of them boast about being super quiet. Any info on which ones are really the quietest would be great.                                                                                                          Finally looking for the best deal.



1/30/20 @ 10:52 AM
drummer boy
drummer boy
User since 3/14/08

I have a 2000 Honda,powers my cabin,and it also charges my boat batteries.I have owned cabin for almost 30 years,and have had two other generators before I bought the Honda.They lasted about five years each the Honda is on year 19!

1/30/20 @ 9:36 AM
User since 7/24/01

Just get a 2000w Honda and thank me later.

1/29/20 @ 7:59 PM
User since 9/24/03

Mine is the three bank Minn Kota. 

1/29/20 @ 1:21 PM
s.s esox
User since 12/22/14

Ulbian, what brand alternator do you have on your boat. I've considered a MinnKota.

1/28/20 @ 2:53 PM
User since 2/26/13

Thanks much for the replies and your thoughts. I have a rather unique situation at my cabin. I have a frontage road between my cabin and my lake with no electricity on the lake side. My main reason for power is to charge my two trolling motor batteries and the starting battery. All three are connected to a three bank on board battery charger. Have looked into getting power across the road but my two options are rather spendy for my taste. So therefore I'm looking into purchasing a quiet yet adequate generator. Again thanks for the info.

1/28/20 @ 1:20 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

Most folks will say buy a Honda.  I would if they weren't so darned expensive.  Myself and 4 of my buddies all have the Generac 2000 watt inverter, 2 buddies have the Honda 2000.  We all like what we have.  I am not sure if the 1000 watt generator would sufficiently charger your batteries, or should I say how many bank charger are you thinking.  My generator is quiet, has a 1 gallon gas tank and can run about 12 hours on a tank of gas running lights, force air furnace, TV and DVD player.

1/27/20 @ 8:04 PM
User since 9/24/03

How much time away from a power grid are you expecting to have? Two ways to approach the issue you face and one is obviously picking up a small inverter generator. Those are the quiet ones. I have a 2000w Champion and yes, it is quiet. You can have a normal conversation with another person just a few feet away when it’s running. It’ll charge boat batteries and plus something like that is handy to have. 

Another solution might be to look at 12v alternators for your boat’s electrical system. I put one on my boat a few years ago and it’s been great. I’ll top my batteries off throughout the winter but when my boat is running the alternator tops off my trolling motor batteries. As soon as the main motor is fired up and the starting/accessory battery is brought back up excess amps are diverted to my 24v system. Since I’ve installed that thing Ive rarely had to plug my three bank charger in. 

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