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Planer Board Rods

5/1/18 @ 10:58 AM
Squid Lips
User since 12/29/16

I recently purchased a couple 8'6" extendable Cabela's Depth Master III trolling combos, and some off shore planer boards.  

How do you guys set up your trolling rods for planer board trolling?  Line type? Test? Any backing? etc.   Messenger should be turned on if you want to write there as well.

Will just be trolling small to medium size cranks for eyes.  


6/10/18 @ 6:51 AM
Red Rider
User since 6/26/01

For an upgrade release I went to these, work great and easier on pocket.

6/4/18 @ 9:52 AM
OO Buckshot
User since 10/4/05

I used 12 lb big game.  I bought it on amazon like $30 for a 5000yd spool.  Im very happy with it.  I run a bright bead above a small swivel and attach a 5-6ft 15-17lb flouro leader and then a crankbait snap.  The bead does a few things prevents weeds from fouling the lure,  prevents jaming the swivel into the eye of the rod.  Also to ensure better catch rate I keep the rod tip burried low with tip usually in water especially for bigger fish.  When I see the bead get close to the tip thats when I lift up on the rod to net the fish.  The bead is extremely helpful in dirty water I havent seen a negative effect as far as catch rate goes compared to not running one.   I made my own tattle flags with some 200lb strait wire leader material.  Upgraded OR18 releases are nice but pricey so I havent upgraded mine yet but will in the future.

6/4/18 @ 4:13 AM
User since 9/4/01

Don't forget to calibrate your line counter reels also 

5/4/18 @ 8:49 AM
User since 1/24/02

I'll second the BG 12#. I like the neon green stuff. I run 20lb on for backing and then 4 to 500' of BG over that. BB swivel with a 6' floro leader. I don't think it's necessary but the swivel catches debris that runs down the line enabling the bait to stay clean, for the most part.

Upgraded clips on the Offshores. Made my own tattle flags.

5/4/18 @ 8:20 AM
User since 3/20/02

Berkely Big Game 12# is the same diameter as the higher priced 10#. The dive curve books use 10# diameter mono so I go with the Big Game 12# on my walleye trolling rods.

5/4/18 @ 7:09 AM
MEMBER since 7/21/01

Yep, I am with Esox... Trilene Big Game. I use 12lb though.

Works fine.

5/3/18 @ 1:35 PM
Squid Lips
User since 12/29/16

Thanks guys.

5/1/18 @ 7:26 PM
User since 9/2/03

I use the same rods and planer boards as you for the last 5 years.  I use Trilene Big Game 15LB and fill the entire reel with no backing.  You can buy 900 yard spools for $6 at Walmart.  I then use a small SPRO swivel with 4 feet of 20lb fluorocarbon Seaguar red label line to a small cross lock snap.  Never lost a fish with walleyes up to 8lbs and 40" northerns.  I too upgraded all of my boards front release to the Off Shore OR-18 adjustable tension snapper release.  You can use lighter line and leaders if you want but I fish where there are big northerns, musky, & catfish that i catch when trolling for walleyes.  I use the line for 2 years and replace.  After year 1 I'll cut off 60 ft of line to eliminate wear spots from the planer releases.  This line is tough and hard to beat the price.  Hope this helps you.

5/1/18 @ 12:00 PM
User since 7/22/01

I'm using the same rods, except the downrigger model for walleye and musky. I caught a (fat) 35" pike on this setup and it handled it fine. Waiting for the big fish to see if I need to upgrade.

10lb Trilene XT works great for eyes, also matches the dive curves for most baits.

Keep the boards out of the sun, the pads dry out quickly. Also consider upgrading your front release. 

I am going to give the Cabela's boards a shot. Six fully rigged off shores (uprgraded release, tattle's) can get expensive fast.

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