Lots of time on my hands these days-

Any baits/lures you guys would like to see being made again?  

I grew up throwing Shannon Spinners for just about anything, but no longer being made- Hildebrandt made the Nugget which was a good substitute with a little modification.

Woodchoppers had a specific "slurshing" sound on a stop-go retrieve that smallies seemed to find irresistible- the Ace in the Hole was close, but neither are made anymore.

Blue Fox made a 2-bladed vibrax in 5-6 sizes that killed pike and bass- it was essentially a small cowgirl with bucktail- they still make them but only up to a size 3

Rapala DT Fat 0 was a great top water twitch/wake bait, but there are some decent substitutes.

All these aren't in production anymore, but I really wish they were- you guys got anything you'd like to see being made again?