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Lures you would like to see in production again

4/10/20 @ 2:17 PM
User since 8/22/05

Lots of time on my hands these days-

Any baits/lures you guys would like to see being made again?  

I grew up throwing Shannon Spinners for just about anything, but no longer being made- Hildebrandt made the Nugget which was a good substitute with a little modification.

Woodchoppers had a specific "slurshing" sound on a stop-go retrieve that smallies seemed to find irresistible- the Ace in the Hole was close, but neither are made anymore.

Blue Fox made a 2-bladed vibrax in 5-6 sizes that killed pike and bass- it was essentially a small cowgirl with bucktail- they still make them but only up to a size 3

Rapala DT Fat 0 was a great top water twitch/wake bait, but there are some decent substitutes.

All these aren't in production anymore, but I really wish they were- you guys got anything you'd like to see being made again?

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6/23/22 @ 5:11 PM
User since 4/30/15

Creek Chub Injured Minnow.   Learned to fish with those and caught many bass and northern.  The wood ones were much better than the plastics.  Topwater action beats drowning minnows all day.

6/23/22 @ 12:37 PM
Timmothy A
User since 5/17/09

1.  Joe Bucher Outdoors chrome series shallow raiders.

2.  JBO mini slop masters.

6/22/22 @ 12:50 PM
User since 2/16/20

Savage Gear 4-Play Slow Float

3/10/22 @ 12:37 PM
antler junkie
User since 8/17/05

One of my favorite lures from when I was young was the Lazy Ike. I caught a lot of fish on that lure.

3/10/22 @ 10:21 AM
User since 7/24/01

Fire Ball Jig-N-Minnow...killer crappie bait!

Rapala Minnow Rap

3/10/22 @ 10:00 AM
Outa line
User since 8/9/21

Bass D, ya love those sub warts. Do you remember the baby sub wart. It was killer too. Still got several of both sizes.

3/9/22 @ 11:48 PM
User since 1/11/02

Bagleys “killer bait”

3/9/22 @ 11:37 AM
Bass Destroyer
Bass Destroyer
User since 6/28/01

Storm Subwart in bumblebee color

3/9/22 @ 11:31 AM
User since 10/9/03

I will add Sutton spoons to this list.  They still work fantastic on lake trout in the summer time on Big Green lake.

Someone already mentioned Helin's flatfish.  Those made of wood not plastic!  The X5 and U20 were great bass baits casting over shallow water or by weed edges.

I still remember the original  floting rapalas in my father's tackle box with foil on the sides.  Made in the 60's?  

Bomber baits crawfish lures were great too!  Good on both smallmouth and largemouth.

How about lindy swipe tails?  My father still has some from the 70's.  7" plastic worms.

3/9/22 @ 1:04 AM
User since 2/23/16

Rebel mystic shad and the fast track... Great coho and king baits loved beating them off Wing dams with my grandpa for walleye also... Just change the hooks from stainless steel to mustard treble..

3/8/22 @ 12:04 PM
User since 4/13/15

For me, there are a lot of candidates, but here's an unusual one that I really liked back in the day - the "Bass Charger" by the Katchmore Bait Company (I think from Palmyra, WI).  I found these comments about the lure and pictures on a fisherman's blog.  


The pictures and description in the link are good, though this guy's comments are somewhat less than complimentary, only because it was not a great marketing success compared to a couple of classic surface lures (heck, the whole lure company is defunct).  Also, he is incorrect in stating that you needed to remove and re-install the tiny screw on top of the lure to attach the pork rind trailer.  The pork rind was just hooked onto the head of that  screw after being slipped through the slot at the rear of the lure, and there it would stay.  

The Bass Charger was basically a hard-body precursor to the modern soft-plastic frog. It was less weedless than a modern frog but would cast farther, and unlike any modern frog, the hookup percentage was as good as that of any lure made, which I think is a reasonable tradeoff for the occasional snag.  I was a kid when this lure was in production, and I fished with it some.  I learned about it from an expert fisherman that I knew who used it among lily pads with fantastic success!

Of course, discussion of this lure also brings up the topic of Uncle Josh pork rinds!


3/8/22 @ 8:39 AM
Outa line
User since 8/9/21

Those original baby thunder sticks (about 2”). Cast a mile & had an awesome wobble. 

3/7/22 @ 10:01 PM
User since 10/3/12

I was a fan of the fatrap too. The new stuff I buy to replace it is worthless to me. $$$$Sad how they keep inventing new models and cease production of proven lures. $$$$

3/7/22 @ 3:08 PM
User since 11/25/07

I would like to see the Rapala troll to minnows again.

3/7/22 @ 11:09 AM
User since 8/7/21

Kind of an old thread I know but I’d love to see Rapala bring back the original balsa fat raps. I used to catch so many big walleyes and bass on that crank fishing wing dams on the Mississippi. 

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