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long cast panfish combo

3/19/18 @ 7:15 AM
Reba`s daddy
Reba`s daddy
User since 11/8/16

I too was looking for a new pan fish rod and reel.Went to Cabella`s bargain cave.Not much for a selection,told one of the workers what i was looking for for.He went into the back and brought out a hand full of rods.I chose a 7 ft. Cabella`s brand ultra lite that was returned because the reel was bad.Normally $80.00 on the floor,got it for 40.00.In the display case was a pflueger president in the 4-8 lb. class.It was once a combo but the rod was broke.On the floor the reel sold for $59.99,got it for $34.99.I ended up buying one more reel and another combo for walleye.Saved about $180.00 compared to if i bought off the main floor area.It pays to ask ? and be a bit open minded on some products.

3/21/18 @ 10:32 AM
drummer boy
drummer boy
User since 3/14/08

I have a Diawa Presso 7'6" they make them up to 8' it is a two piece rated for 1/32 to 1/4 but the1/4 is a little heavy more like 3/16.I love this rod for pitching 1/16 jigs on weed edges I have 5lb braid with a 10lb mono leader ( I like a slower drop).I like a little larger reel with longer rods they balance better and because of the larger spool cast farther.There right around 70 bucks.I also use this combo for fishing smallies in the spring with 1/16 mushroom jigs that I tie with as much bucktail as i can get on it,have caught smallies up to 5lb with it.

3/21/18 @ 9:44 AM
User since 12/22/04

I have a St Croix Avid 7' UL with can bomb small plastics and bobber setups and this rod is absolute blast to catch fish on.    Mine is a 2 piece and this is one rod I dont just throw in locker and keep the rod in its own case because it is pretty fragile and braid could snap it if you over reeled handle.

I have caught 18 inch walleye and 30 inch pike on this rod while panfishing in the early it can handle most anything reasonable you throw at it.    I have small 500 size real to balance it out. 

I dont think it is whippy like cheap rods and reason I like it so much

3/21/18 @ 9:33 AM
User since 2/6/11

Shakespeare "Micro Graphite" 7' Light action. Black with Gold lettering. $17 at Walmart. Have 2 that are 5 years old and look new. Landed Catfish to Pike on them and they hold up. It seems the 2018 model is called "Micro Series". Grey with white lettering. 2 piece rod but, Plenty Sensitive for casting small jigs too! Trion Underspin and slip bobber on one, Okuma size 20 Bait Feeder on one (tight line fishing perch), and just got another for spinning reel and spring bobber fishing crappie. Nice light action for paper mouth hook setting, yet cast a mile!

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