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12/26/22 @ 1:31 PM
User since 10/9/17

So I just got a lithium battery from Santa. I just wanna know if I can use my hummingbird charger for this battery? I’m assuming not but can someone point me in the direction of what charger I will need? Here’s a picture if it helps 

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2/2/23 @ 11:06 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/16/04

More than I really needed to know but plenty of info to chew on here.I just picked up a Lithium battery from amazon and the charger recommended cost 20 bucks and seems to work great. It turns from red light to green when charged. Don't know how well it works on the old lead/acid cells yet.

12/29/22 @ 9:37 PM
User since 10/9/17

Thank you all for the help. It’s much appreciated. Even the ones saying to use the charger I have. Thank you all but i will just spend the same amount of money for a sealed lead acid battery, on a charger for my lithium. Don’t want to risk anything, especially a fire or something weird. Nothings impossible. 

12/29/22 @ 9:55 AM
Jerry K
PRO MEMBER User since 10/11/08

Hey zach, if your Minn-Kota charger doesn't show Lithium Battery on the charger then the answer is No. I had a NOCO 3-bank 10 amp charger i had to replace because I opted to replace my AGM batteries with Lithium. Contacted NOCO and they in turn told me their NOCO 3 bank 5 amp was all I needed. Charges faster than my old 10 amp x 3 bank charger. The new charger can charge AGM, Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries all at the same time. I imagine other lithium chargers do the same but I've been using NOCO well over 20 years with No problems. Shop around.

12/29/22 @ 9:38 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/8/06

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the charging specs on any battery no matter what type. It’s a given that all lithium batteries have 4 cells @ 3.2v each and a lead acid batteries have 6 cells @ 2v each. Being that’s the case, there is no reason to put charging specs on either one. The issue is the charger used to charge the specific type and the way the charger monitors the state of charge. I think that trying to do that yourself with a meter wouldn’t be a feasible solution.

12/29/22 @ 1:43 AM
Mendota Jim
User since 7/1/02

I think that it's a stretch of imagination that LIFePO4 ice fishing batteries have the charging specs printed on them.  I also know that both my Vexilar LIFePO4 battery doesn't and the matching LIFePO4 charger states 14.6 [email protected] amp (you'll have to believe me because it's hard to read) and my Amped Outdoors LIFePO4 batteries don't state charging specs on them and their LIFePO4 chargers state 14.6 V=3.0A.

Does the person have an accurate meter and the desire to determine if the voltage is compatible with their new, expensive LIFePO4 ice fishing battery and also monitor to prevent overcharging?  I suggest the Amped Outdoors (Wisconsin company) charger for 19.99.  They have excellent customer service (like Vexilar) and the charger is intuitive.  Red light when charging and green when charging of the LIFePO4 battery is complete.

LiFePO4 lithium Battery 3A Charger | Amped Outdoors 

I have the Vexilar adapter on but have others including alligator clips.

12/28/22 @ 8:33 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/8/06

While the Humminbird charger is a Class 2 charger, it does state ‘lead acid rechargeable battery”. Without knowing the internal operation of this particular charger it’s hard to say exactly what it has and what it doesn’t. Being in the electrical field for 40 years and working with both types of batteries, I wouldn’t be comfortable recommending something without the total knowledge about the device. There are definitely differences in the way the two types of batteries are charged and a charger specified for one type doesn’t equate to the best option for the other. I certainly wouldn’t want to see the battery damaged by not having the proper charger. The chargers for lithium batteries are not expensive and would assure you that you will not damage your investment. Just my two cents 

12/27/22 @ 4:40 PM
User since 12/19/01

Lithiums could care less what current you charge them at, as long as you don't exceed the maximum rating, which is usually 0.5C at a minimum, or 5A for his 10Ah battery.  There is no minimum current, although a tiny wall-wart may overheat and shut down if loaded too heavily for too long.

The wall-wart he is showing has no "equalization mode".  Just a simple Class 2 charger, not sophisticated at all.

12/27/22 @ 4:12 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/8/06

Lead acid battery chargers charge at a different rate than lithium chargers. It’s not recommended to use them due to the fact that they can ruin the lithium batteries. Most lead acid chargers have a built in “equilization mode”. If that equilization mode can not be turned off, you could cause serious damage to your lithium battery. It’s best to use the proper charger for your battery to help extend the life of the battery.

12/27/22 @ 12:07 PM
User since 12/14/14

Going to need a charger with at least one amp output to get a full charge. Looks like your good to go.

12/27/22 @ 10:27 AM
User since 12/19/01

Yes, you can use it.  You will need to monitor the voltage that it charges the battery up to, if you want to know if it is getting fully charged.  

You should be able to look up the charging specs for your battery; many times they are on the battery itself.

The wall-wart type charger that you have may not put out enough voltage to fully charge your lithium, but it will get it to 90% or so at least.  The problem with that is the charge balancing circuitry in the battery needs the full charge voltage to operate effectively.  So, if your charger does not get to that voltage, the lifetime of your battery will suffer.

But you won't know for sure unless you monitor / measure it with a decent DVM.  I have several of these wall-wart chargers, some put out 13.8V at full charge (not enough), some put out 14.4V at full charge (enough)

12/26/22 @ 11:19 PM
User since 10/20/05

You'll need a charger for LiFePo4 batteries.  You can get one off amazon, I would imagine Amped and Dakota Lithium sell them as well.

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