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3/23/23 @ 8:49 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 12/15/08

Anybody discovered a good knot tyer for tying braid to mono? This old guy with failing eyes and a damaged left thumb has trouble doing this. At this years Madison sports expo a guy told me a thing called “The Knot Needle” is pretty good.
any body have any experience? 

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7/12/23 @ 5:17 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/16/04
Thanks for the pic and post Moon River. I could have used one of those today for a mid line palomar knot. I'm going to keep some reading glasses in my tackle box. The alberto knot is an Albright knot. Sometimes it's a losing battle tying knots in a boat on a windy wavy day. I'm not sure a device to help is the answer. Practice, practice , practice......
Knot tyer photo by JamesD
7/2/23 @ 12:29 PM
Moon River
PRO MEMBER User since 12/8/22
Not exactly a knot tyer, but definitely a help getting line thru an eye on the hook. Just run the wire tip thru the eye -- run the line in the wire hoop and pull back thru the eye! ( used for threading a sewing needle)

Knot tyer photo by Moon River
3/28/23 @ 9:59 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 12/15/08
Thanks Rich P.
looks exactly like what I was hoping to find! 
3/28/23 @ 11:44 AM
Rich P.
User since 9/1/16
I bought this and it works great. www.albertoknot.com
3/25/23 @ 11:40 AM
User since 8/25/08
I prefer the albright or double albright for my shorter leaders, the latter requires a bimini twist or surgeon's knot in your braid to double it up and there is that hook-eze tool that helps, try searching "Super Easy way to connect Braided line to Mono using this AMAZING Multi Function Tool" on YouTube. Another option would be to simply use a tiny barrel swivel to join your braid to your mono though that's not gonna work going through your guides.
3/25/23 @ 11:06 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 12/15/08
pike.  10, 20# braid......8-10# flouro 
I have watched a lot of YouTube’s on tying braid to mono/flouro....I know the double uni which has been for all my life the generally accepted way of attaching 2 lines together.....but, since my left thumb got dinged by a table saw(stupidity) I have no, dexterity limited feelingwith it and coupled with my eyesight makes knot tying of that magnitude kind of hard.....ive seen videos of the Albright knot which looks a little more feasible for me! I was just hoping there was some gizmo out there. Thanks for responding
PS you’ll probable laugh but I use the Typro thing to tie my jigs on 
3/25/23 @ 10:22 AM
User since 8/25/08
How heavy of braid/mono/fluoro are you trying to connect? How long of a leader do you need? I love knot tying.
3/24/23 @ 6:55 PM
User since 6/8/20
Look up the double uni knot. Pretty easy with a little practice. I use it to tie mono leaders to braid.
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