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Humminbird, Lowrance, or Garmin

3/15/20 @ 3:53 PM
User since 12/20/10

Which brand do you guys prefer? I have humminbird helix 7s now with Minn Kota Terrova but was interested in adding a Garmin ECHOMAP 73sv in mix too. Any thoughts?

3/26/20 @ 7:29 PM
User since 12/25/09

Any problems with transducer location with side imaging? I see the transducers are quite long, any issues with it shooting past the lower unit or a transom mount trolling motor? 

3/25/20 @ 9:40 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

I am a Humminbird and MinnKota guy.  Currently running a Terrova, but next one will be an Ulterra.  I have 3 units, two Helix 10's on the console, and a Helix 9 on the bow.  One of the 10's is a Mega SI, and the other is a DI.  I've got 3 transducers on the back, a SI, a DI, and a standard xducer.

3/25/20 @ 8:46 PM
User since 1/14/13

Looks like I will be spending more than 750... all the accessories for networking add up quick. But, I might as well do it right or I’ll regret it.... If I get another helix 9 and the networking accessories I shouldn’t need a transducer with the new unit, correct? 

Edit: or maybe another transducer is worth the extra in case the other transducer fails?! To many options these days!

3/25/20 @ 7:39 PM
User since 3/25/06

I run a helix 10 SI gen1 and a helix 12 mega SI on the console. With a helix 12 sonar g3n on the bow.

Basically the 10 is used strictly for mapping but does have its own tranducer to side image if I needed it for something. Helix 12 mega is used for side imaging, down imaging and 2d sonar. All my units are  linked so waypoints show up on all graphs no matter what graph I use to mark the waypoint.

So that is another thing to consider is if you want all units to network. If that's the case, you can't buy anything smaller than helix 7 and if you have 3 or more units you want linked you will need to buy an Ethernet hub ($270) plus all Ethernet cords ($40-70) and dongles for each graph ($20) plus how you want it mounted. Just want to make you know it adds up quick. 

It depends what you are looking for and how you want it to work.

I love how I can keep a map with waypoints and maps and see the side imaging on the other graph. Makes  it more efficient and don't have to flip flop screens

3/25/20 @ 8:20 AM
User since 1/14/13


My helix 9 is on top. I have plenty of room for another midsize unit next to the helix 9. I’m hoping I can just buy a head unit for the mapping but I’m not sure if that’s the best route...

3/25/20 @ 8:11 AM
User since 5/21/03 your unit in the console or on top of the console?

I have a 7 inch Humminbird 799 in my console and that runs maps only.  

I have a 10 inch Helix Gen3 with MEGA on top of the console and that can run everything.

I use that 7 incher for maps only.  I turn the sonar on that unit "off" so it doesn't interfere with my Helix 10.

And I love that setup.  Big map down low.  Side imaging and sonor on the split screen up top.

3/25/20 @ 7:18 AM
User since 1/14/13

Question for the guys running 2 units on the console... what would be my best option for a 2nd unit strictly for mapping? Should I buy just a head unit if possible? I know there’s ways to network them but I don’t even know where to begin with that.

I currently have a helix 9 mega SI g3n on the console and when I had the boat built and rigged I assumed that would be fine with a split screen for sonar and mapping at the same time. It’s not big enough. All I want is a separate unit for mapping in the 7-8 inch range. Something that will be a simple install and preferably less than say 750.00.

3/16/20 @ 12:40 PM
User since 6/10/17

I haven't owned that particular Garmin unit but I do own several of there other products. I really enjoy it a lot and I have been really impressed with it. I do use Humminbird Helix-9 for work but I still think I enjoy the Garmin units more. Just my opinion though... 

3/15/20 @ 6:20 PM
gray fox
gray fox
MEMBER since 2/22/08

Had the Humminbird Helix 9 Mega.  Very good unit.  Got a Garmin Unit, that I could use with LiveScope.  Unbelievable With LiveScope.  Easy to use, Touch Screen, with over 17,000 lakes included on unit.  Very Clear sonar.  It is a choice only you can make.  Good Luck.  

3/15/20 @ 4:40 PM
User since 3/26/15

I had a helix seven si and was never that impressed with the si. Upgraded to the helix 8 g3 mega and it’s night and day difference. Love the new unit. 

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