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Did people lose their minds buying such expensive rods and reels?

9/29/21 @ 3:57 PM

I bought a fishing pole at the St. Croix factory 16 years ago for a hundred bucks.   I just turned it in for a new pole.   The new one was around $130.   It should last another 16 years.

I can afford to spend more, but I see no reason why I should.

Yes, St. Croix rods are that good.  I have no idea what the other high end rods are like.

The easiest way to double your money is to fold it in half and stick it back in your pocket.

A penny saved is a penny earned.


10/5/21 @ 12:21 PM
USER SINCE 12/1/06

Yes, people have lost their minds.  My favorite rod is a $20 shakespeare light action rod.  I've caught everything from bluegill to 20+ inch smallmouths.  25 years ago this would have been a top of the line model, now it's bargain basement.  It's all about advertising and who won what tourney using what rod.  While I do believe that the more expensive stuff is better, most of us are not making a living fishing and for the most part don't subject our stuff to the use a pro or guide does.  It makes sense for them, it's their living.  I like to buy fishing gear, but if I spend a few hundred dollars on a rod or reel that thing better last forever.  When I spend 20 bucks, if it last a few years then breaks, I get to go buy new stuff.  What you paid $200 for 10 years ago, I can get for $50 now, and it works just as well as it did when it was the the must have gear.  We as fisherman get caught up in 

the hype, all ways have all ways will.

10/5/21 @ 10:14 AM
drummer boy
drummer boy
USER SINCE 3/14/08

LB so true,a good rod and reel is a pleasure to use.I can catch fish with a hand line,but it sure is a lot more fun with a great rod and reel.

10/5/21 @ 9:08 AM
.Long Barrels
USER SINCE 12/9/14

but people can't play a round of golf weekly and spend $75 that day or sit in a bar all weekend and spend $200,  but who's to judge. 

yes, good rods and reels make a difference and it's a hellava lot more enjoyable when you can fish with a reel that is 6.3 oz vs a 8.5+ or a rod that is 4 oz.  vs 8

FIsh with what you like and can afford,  but don't knock what you don't have or haven't tried.  


10/5/21 @ 8:53 AM

Fishlovme mentioned homemade ice rods. One of the best gifts I ever got was a rod building class held at a local bait shop. We all came away with 6 foot St. Croix spinning rods we spun together by ourselves. Even more important was the knowledge and ability to repair and improve rods and create custom gear. I still use the Flex-cote book method, with a coffee cup holding the rod thread behind me on a chair where I tension the thread by sitting on it and spin the thread onto the guide by hand, with the blank right in my lap. Spend the money on a nice blank and catch fish on something you built yourself. Did I lose my mind? Maybe I did ,but it's still fun.

10/4/21 @ 12:37 PM

Wacky..5 -6 years ago I bought my first ever St Croix rod...I figured hey..they are  "homeys"..(Park Falls Wi)...most of the rods made there have 5 year warrantys..I snapped one when it got caught in my live well door...took it in at one of their open house gigs..explained how it broke..and because it was within the 5 year they replaced charge...was borderline shocked ...bottom line..they stood behind their rod...accident or not.. their stock has gone up for this ol' boy ever since..

10/3/21 @ 6:15 PM

I don't need more fish. I catch plenty now.

10/3/21 @ 1:31 PM
USER SINCE 3/24/02

Seagar you should buy it. Just think of how many more fish you would catch. 

10/3/21 @ 12:05 PM

I saw a St Croix something Ultra Light rod for $360 today. That's a little overboard in my book. 

10/2/21 @ 1:22 PM

Vegas...I don't musky fish.  I own two musky lures so for me it doesn't make sense to buy an expensive pole for musky fishing.  But ice fishing...different story for me! I have shallow water rods, deep water rods, perch rods, bluegill rods, and rods I use on tipups!  I don't spend a ton of money on them though - usually 30 bucks for a combo.  I own 4 ugly sticks in different actions too - those will last the rest of my life, guaranteed.  I think one of them even has a lifetime warranty, which they used to do years ago.  My favorite rods for ice fishing are the ones that have the reel at the back of the rod and the line goes through the blank.  I make my own, but for about twice the price there's a company that makes them.

10/2/21 @ 9:35 AM
USER SINCE 4/20/07

I don't think people lost their minds, I think people buy what they like and can afford, similar to tastes in vehicles and boats. I could have purchased a Mercedes or BMW, but I prefer my F250 and Alumacraft.

For me I learned to fish with whatever rod my Dad gave me to use, nothing brand name.  When I got older and first married I bought my first graphite rod and loved it, I had a couple of BassPro graphite rods, and used these for 25 years while raising a family.  One day while browsing through a local tackle shop I found a St Croix Triumph for $80.00 and bought it to try out. This is when I discovered I loved St Croix.  Once my 3 boys moved out, and had extra spending money, my mission was to replace all of my rods with St Croix Premier and Avid rods.  I have about 25 now from ultra lights to 9 foot musky rods and I love them!  I have always been an ABU Garcia fan and mostly have their baitcasting reels, (especially love the REVO Toro Beast), with a few Mitchel ultralight reels and Shimano spinning gear.

I took advantage of the BassPro/Cabela's Credit card and the points I earned each year were used to cover most if not all of each rod I bought. Being ready to retire in 90 days, I think I am finished with my acquisitions. 

BTW I broke that first Triumph rod and my line two years ago, 25 years after I first bought it, on Lake Shabbona here in Illinois when I hooked into something big while crappie fishing.

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