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Did people lose their minds buying such expensive rods and reels?

9/29/21 @ 3:57 PM

I bought a fishing pole at the St. Croix factory 16 years ago for a hundred bucks.   I just turned it in for a new pole.   The new one was around $130.   It should last another 16 years.

I can afford to spend more, but I see no reason why I should.

Yes, St. Croix rods are that good.  I have no idea what the other high end rods are like.

The easiest way to double your money is to fold it in half and stick it back in your pocket.

A penny saved is a penny earned.


10/6/21 @ 7:53 AM
.Long Barrels
USER SINCE 12/9/14

zmainiac,  nail on the head.....  so so so true.

Feeling the slightest bump doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know what your feeling.  

but in reality it’s only as good as the guy using it.

10/6/21 @ 7:49 AM

Fishing is a sport just like golf, hunting and others. How much you spend doesn’t make you a better fisherman, it just makes you better equipped. Feeling the slightest bump doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know what your feeling. 

I’ve got a lot of fishing gear for both open water and ice fishing. Some of my equipment is top of the line and the rest is good quality stuff. Whatever makes what your trying to accomplish easier and more efficient is the best equipment to have. 

People feel that the more they spend the better they will be at their sport, but in reality it’s only as good as the guy using it.

10/6/21 @ 7:48 AM
.Long Barrels
USER SINCE 12/9/14

I suppose i should be more specific when talking high end rods.  you don't need a $200 rod to cast bobbers around.  However,  an ultralight rod is probably the worst thing you can use to cast a bobber and have any power on a hook set.  I see most people use under powered and too short of rods for panfish.  At a minimum,  I feel you need a light fast,  min of 6 foot.  Not only can you cast farther,  you have more power on hook sets and probably even as important,  you have control.  you can  cast more accurately with a light fast action as it's not as sloppy.  The double edged sword there is that you'll never find a $40 rod like that.  you'd have to go to at least $60 - 80 to get close.   you have a sloppy unltralight or moderate action rod,  casting a rocket bobber is rough.  If you stood next to a guy with a 6.5 foot ML fast or a 6.5 light fast in a higher grade graphite rod,  he will out cast you,  better hook up percentage the whole 9 yards.   

Many lakes you'll have fish that dive into weed beds and you have to muscle em out.  So much easier to control those fish with something other than an UL rod.  Then if they do bury in the weeds,  you have some ass to pull them out.

 That said,  when I was talking expensive rods,  i was more so talking bigger fish,  finnesse fishing,  bass and walleyes.  Again,  don't knock the higher end,  better graphite,  faster tip response till you actually try it.  

The fishing industry categorized ultra lights for panfish...  I have no good uses for them besides deadsticking perch or gills in deep water.

I'm sure there are panfish chasers that will completely agree with me,  there are others that will say I'm high on something.  

10/6/21 @ 4:49 AM
USER SINCE 7/19/03

Interesting line.  I enjoy a good rod and reel as much as the next fisherman but 200 to 400 dollar rods and 250 dollar reels seem out of bounds for me.  What i do enjoy is finding the best 70 to 100 dollar rod and match it with the best 50 to 80 dollar reel I can find.  I have found that the balance of rod, reel, line is crucial to sensitivity, casting, and enjoying the fight of the fish you are targeting.  My best rod/reel/line combos is max 180 dollars.  This combo floats in my hand.  Casts a 1/8th ounce jig like it's a 3/8th jig.  Handles a 8 lb walleye or 5 lb smally with ease and joy.

I have used several different buddies 250 to 300 dollar set ups.  I honestly can not tell the difference.  Those set ups are a joy to use but I can't tell the difference.   

Now, I just need to find that 120 dollar combo that feels and works the same.  That combo is out there, my goal to find it.  

10/5/21 @ 8:00 PM
USER SINCE 1/12/14

I like a quality musky rod and reel, it takes a beating from the heavy lures. Fishing for bait, I don’t really care to much just a good working reel.

10/5/21 @ 5:48 PM

This year I have broken 2 poles and dropped one in the lake.

10/5/21 @ 4:15 PM
USER SINCE 6/16/03

Lots of $40 combos for the family and friends to use for panfishing that I have had for years and have held up incredibly well considering the abuse. I have 2-3 rods ranging from $90-130 that I use for walleye fishing.  The ability to feel various lures, bottom features, and "thunk" is worth the investment for me.  I have used ST Croix rods from time to time, and never could justify the extra $200 other than lifetime warranty. Each to there own!

10/5/21 @ 3:50 PM

Your string makes more difference whether you can feel the bait than your rod. 

10/5/21 @ 3:20 PM
antler junkie
USER SINCE 8/17/05

Why would anybody spend $30,000 on a new car when a brand new Kia Rio only costs $17,000 ? Both will get you where you want to go right ? The answer is the higher priced car is nicer, smoother and more pleasurable to drive. Same principle applies to rods and reels. Like I said in an earlier post, tight lines to everybody no matter what you fish with.

10/5/21 @ 1:12 PM

Well I agree with you that a low end rod and reel will get it done, and certainly capable of bring joy regardless the price.  There is something to be said for a finely made light weight "high end" rod that you can feel a gnat fart on and a buttery smooth reel.  That certainly brings me joy when walleye fishing.

One thing I don't agree with, the $200 plus high end rods I bought 10 years ago can not be even remotely touched for that price today.   And they are still infinitely better quality than todays $30-40 rods.  And every bit as good as the high end rods worth twice that much now.

If someone wants to fish bluegills with a $400 St Croix or GLoomis with slip bobbers what do I care.   We all know there is no advantage to that but again who cares. 


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