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Did people lose their minds buying such expensive rods and reels?

9/29/21 @ 2:44 PM

I saw the start of it down South, about 7 years ago, when a guy came to a fishing pier with a 600 dollar Van Staal reel.  I thought he was joking.  Now it seems like Joe Average fisherman will plunk down a couple of hundred for a rod and the same for a reel.  Am I the last guy in America who thinks a 40 dollar rod is pretty good?  And are there anything but tiny differences once you get above 40 bucks?


11/23/21 @ 1:18 PM
USER SINCE 3/17/06

Back in the 80's when I was a poor young dude with 3 pre-school kids and a stay-at -home wife, all I could afford was a $20 rod and a $10 Shimano reel. I had a canoe, but mostly waded rivers or fished from shore. With that cheap combo,  I caught the biggest pike, largemouth and stream trout of my life. All these years later, with boats, much better gear and electronics,  I still haven't beat those personal records 

11/22/21 @ 7:42 AM
Outa line

Anyone remember the 60’s - 70’s era Browning Silaflex rods? I bought an ultra lite spinning rod from Johnson’s sporting goods in Des Plains in the early 70’s for about $50. I was in jr high at the time & everyone - including my parents thought I had lost my mind. Paired it with a Mitchel 408. Still have both. Retired the 408 but use the little ultralight frequently. Those were some cool rods for that era.

11/19/21 @ 12:48 PM
USER SINCE 10/4/13

I agree with tackle-12.  I usually fish live bait but keep all those "cheap" rods set up for whatever may be needed. If rods sit in the racks for the majority of the year, I mightas well use the money for other things. I constantly fish a local river from shore, so I always have a couple rods in the truck set up. To each his own.

11/18/21 @ 1:47 PM
USER SINCE 11/6/18

"Lost my mind" to fish with quality equipment?

I had written several paragraphs describing the advantages that quality rods bring...Comparing various rods and reels I own and what I use them for...then realized that the topic isn't even really about fishing rods. It's about looking at what others do with their own money and judging whether or not its necessary. 

I deleted it and am starting over. It's still a rant. WTH,I'm not working today...

What do we spend on our boats? $1k for a little tin boat with a 9.9 and a cheap locator? $10K for a used Lund,$40 new?? $70K or more for a ranger?...How about saltwater?...From Boattrader: "Saltwater Fishing boats for sale on Boat Trader are listed for a variety of prices from a sensible $12,500 on the lower-cost segment all the way up to $1,200,000 for the biggest, most advanced boats."....Where I spend 2 months every  winter fishing (with my $5k franken-kayak) most of the fishing boats are probably around $60-$250k.

Campsites at the fish camp? I pay $2200/month for rustic (no electric or water) and that's with the "over 30 days" discount. That's double my mortgage. Driving there and back ain't gonna be cheap this year either...Add $500/month average dockage if you bring a real boat... RV full hookup canal sites are around $4500/month...and this is still the cheapest place in the lower Keys.

Charters? $800 - to over $2000/day depending on captain,boat and where you want to fish.

Wanna REALLY spend some money? Try pricing a luxury "destination" fishing resort. I have. WAY out of my league.

So...someone walks onto a Wisconsin fishing pier with a $500 rod/reel combo and is (gently) accused of having "lost their mind" for spending that much? It's what they want to do with their money...A pack a day cigarette smoker spends half that every month. Alcohol? Weed?...I know 3 guys who routinely patronize hookers. One friend claims he never spends less than $800 on a girl. He combines that with an expensive downtown Chicago hotel and a good meal at an pricey restaurant. Call it a $2500 weekend.... Downhill skiing? Golf? Concerts?....or paying for services that nearly any able bodied person can do themselves (I suppose my friends and hookers fall in this category. lol). ...Women with their manicure/pedicures...Pets? How much for that dog's hip surgery?!?

I have an unnecessary boat (Ok,4. Lund canoe kayak and jonboat) ,an unnecessary motorcycle and an unnecessary trailer (OK,three not counting boat trailer)... I take unnecessary trips. I have an unnecessary iphone instead of a free flip phone. CableTV... I  unnecessarily eat at restaurants several meals each week.

Just imagine all the good we could all do if we all gave up all those unnecessary things and gave the money to charity (or the UN!) to do good and worthwhile things with it...And who gets to decide what's "unnecessary" and where that money should go? Politicians,bureaucrats,and the people who don't have those things of course..

It's becoming fashionable nowadays to look among ourselves  - as Americans - to what others have or what they earn or what they spend and judging it to be unnecessary. It's "more than they should have."..."Nobody needs that much ---"

Here's a huge problem: There's people in Brussels...and in poorer nations all over the world...who are looking at us in the west - especially Americans - and saying we ALL have too much. If you own a car and a nice home in a nice suburb YOU have too much...If you are an American chances are you spend too much and you have too much. YOU are "rich" and greedy and you didn't really earn that...and YOU are not (globally speaking) paying your fair share.

If owning $250-$450 fishing combos are "too much" it's not a very big stretch to consider burning fossil fuel to travel for recreational fishing "too much"  as well. At least to a huge percentage of the world's population. 

I like nice fishing gear.  I buy nice fishing gear. It's bad enough that my wife thinks she can criticize it. For a fellow fisherman to question what another fisherman spends on a rod/reel combo...???

(btw,not one word of this rant is pointed at the OP specifically. It's a general rant only using fishing gear as an example and the OP's post as a spark. It's crappy outside and I'm not working today...But I've spent too much time on this as it is. I'm not going to get into a debate over income inequity or reparations or colonialist theft....and for anybody who read this far and will be hunting this weekend?...good luck and be safe.)

11/15/21 @ 5:38 PM
USER SINCE 1/18/11

I didn’t go back and read every post, so if someone else said this , forgive me. I live in Central Wi., so the truck up to Park Falls no real biggie, but if you’re a southerner or worse , stop by the St. Croix factory in Park Falls. They have “seconds” on their full price rods. For example I got two avid X rods that were well over $300 regular price for $150 each. One had discolored cork in handle, the other I can’t even remember what was wrong. Both function like new, couldn’t be more satisfied. They were nice as can be when I asked to see them as well. One caveat, they don’t get the lifetime warrenty- only one year. 

11/15/21 @ 2:51 PM
USER SINCE 11/15/21

I've got a bunch of salmon rods and reels and downriggers that I'm going through getting ready to sell in the spring.  I can't believe how much I must have put into them.  

10/20/21 @ 2:12 PM
Funny you say that. I bought 2 more 6'9" ML sixgill cypress rods for the wife and paired them with the carbon x 2000. Haven't lined them up yet but they seem like decent quality. With the bogo on rods and the sale on the reels they were about $110 per set up. Hopefully the x 2000 perform as well as the revo x.

10/19/21 @ 3:33 PM

Anybody have reviews on any sixgill stuff? I got a 6'9" ML that I used a couple times but only caught maybe 2 smaller bass. So far seems like it has nice sensitivity. Paired it with a revo x. They always have bogo deals. They have bogo deal on reels right now and iffy on getting a couple.

10/19/21 @ 3:27 PM

I just ordered a Phenix 1 spinning rod. Here goes my butt down the slippery slope.

10/18/21 @ 4:25 PM

Why would St Croix change their products, they evidently have a strong following.

I will buy a couple rods on your list. If I don't like them, I can blame some rando on the internet. I don't fish bass or plastics, don't put that evil on me. I occasionally jig for walleyes, if I have no choice and there is no other option and if I can't get out of it. 

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