Hello all. I am making the decision to get into custom rod building and would like to hear any input or advice from custom rod builders. I am mainly looking for info on the following:

1. Best blanks to use and best priced blanks for the money...I understand that St. Croix and G.Loomis are two of the best manufacturers out there, but it seems they both have gotten a little out of control with their pricing in the past couple years. I would like to find some blanks that are near as good quality and aren't so steep on price and I can still build a good quality rod.

2. Local suppliers of custom rod building supplies/tools in the southern Wisconsin/northern Illinois area that I can view the product in person before purchasing and also cut down on shipping costs.

3. Best adhesive brands out there.

4. Your favorite handles, eyelets, reel seats, wraps etc.

5. Suppliers of original and unique wood rear/forehandles.

6. Suppliers that offer bulk sales of supplies

Thanks for any help you can provide. Happy Building Everyone.