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Braided Line

4/5/15 @ 11:34 AM
big lund
User since 3/11/03
Thinking about putting braided line on some of my rods. Jigging rod crankbait/plastic jerkbaits rods and livebait/trolling rods. The two lines I am thinking about are Bionic Braid and Suffix 832 10-20 lb test.Any comments would be nice if you have used them and pros and cons of each line. Thanks

4/10/15 @ 8:03 PM
User since 9/16/01
fishing with braid-suffix 832 all day,every day.

4/10/15 @ 1:42 PM
User since 6/12/10
I haven't found any braided line I like better than 832.

4/9/15 @ 8:31 PM
Troy Stoeger
User since 4/2/02
Look at Tufline XP too, its nice stuff! I do use 832 on most of my spinning gear though.

A side note, mono is nice for crankbaits and other treble hooked lures. That stretch is a good thing, it keeps fish from pulling hooks out. I use braid for most everything else though with a leader as needed (which isn't all that often)

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4/6/15 @ 4:42 PM
User since 12/30/07
I also use 832. 4lb on panfish rods, 8lb on jigging rods, 30-50lb on casting rods, and 80 on muskie rods. I also run fluoro leaders on everything. For jigging I've seemed to become partial to 14lb leaders because 1) The fish don't seem to care and 2) most of the time when you get hung up on wood the wire hook will straighten before the line breaks. 4lb will do the same thing with light panfish jigs. When connecting leaders to mainline I will tie either a uni to uni knot or improved albright. The uni to uni works well for smaller diameter (4-14lb). For larger diameter fluoro (14lb and up) I like the improved albright because it produces a smaller knot that casts better through the guides. Swivels will work, but can damage guides if you aren't paying attention and accidentally reel it through, which is why I prefer line to line connections. You can google both of these knots and find tutorials on how to tie them.

A tip for spooling: As previously mentioned, mono backing is required on most spinning reels so that the braid won't slip on the spool. This also helps to fill the spool. As most people know, a full spool will cast much better than a not so full spool. Since braid has a much thinner diameter than the same size mono, it takes a lot more to properly fill a spool, essentially costing you money in line. What I like to do is take a 150 yard spool of braid, measure out 75 yards, and reel that on first. Then go ahead and make your line to line connection to some cheap mono backing of your choice (a uni to uni works well here) and continue reeling until the spool is full. Now, pull off all of the line you just reeled on and reel it on again in the reverse direction so that the mono goes on first and presto, a perfectly filled spool. This also leaves you with exactly 75 more yards of braid to fill another reel.

Two more quick tips for spooling: Make sure that the knot connecting braid to backing is on either the very top or very bottom of the spool. This ensures that it won't interfere with line flowing off your spool while casting. Also, it's best to do all of this in an open space such as your yard. Having lots of line on your living room floor ends up in tangles that you will try to undo, but inevitably give up and throw everything in the garbage.

Sorry for the lengthy post. I just don't want anyone to have to go through the trouble that I had starting out. No stretch superlines may seem like a lot of work initially, but the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives in most situations.

4/5/15 @ 10:11 PM
User since 6/17/11
I use 6#, 10# and 20# 832 all the time. I can't seem to wear the stuff out! However, with 832, 6# is more like 10#, 10# is more like 15# and you could pull small stumps with 20#! So, I'd start with 832 at the low test end and go up if needed.

Good fishing! Smile

4/5/15 @ 2:55 PM
User since 1/8/03
I have used Fireline,Crystal,Power Pro,Sufix 832,and Stren braid that no longer made. I like the 832 the best. The 832 holds less water ,I like the it in the HI Vis green with a fluorocarbon leader. One thing you have to do when putting braid on a spool is add some mono line first. The braid will slip without the mono you can use black electric tape also.

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