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Bad Habits Die Hard - Advice for Gear Care

7/7/15 @ 7:30 PM
User since 7/7/15
FIRST POST HERE! Nice to meet everyone!

I hate to admit this, but I am slightly mean to my fishing rods and by slightly, I mean I'm pretty terrible.

Straight Facts:

  • Drive small car
  • Must have gear = 3-4 rods (all spinning) + tackle bag with me at all times because I work close to a couple decent bass lakes and I need to go fishing during the day to clear my head of all the stupidity I deal with
  • Rods are stored in my trunk, in two-pieces, individually wrapped with one-wrap (velcro stuff)
  • Sometimes my rods get tangled (because I'm abusing them) and this is frustrating when I only have 45 minutes to fish at lunch or whatever
  • Live in HOT, nasty and humid weather in summer; terrible awful weather in the winter
  • I don't bring the rods into the office with me (for what I think ought be obvious reasons); but I also don't bother to bring them into the house when I get home (because I am LAZY, that's my only excuse)


  • Am I killing my rods leaving them in the car all day everyday like I do?
  • Would a rod sock be appropriate, even though they are broken down in two pieces?
  • If I can't bring them inside the office - which I already know I can't and I really really really don't want to leave them at home, what can I do to help keep them safe from any weakening due to the extreme temperatures they are in all the dang time?

Thank God my dad has no idea how to work the internet, I would be in deep 'you-know-what' if he came across this shameful display of lack of respect here LOL.

All advice is welcomed and will be seriously considered.

7/28/15 @ 9:53 AM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12
As several has said even if you have teh rods broken down intop 2 pieces, get a rod sock, this will definately keep them from tangling. Another thing to think abotu is while your rod may not be broken in the trunk, if it gets nicked or chipped, that is where it will break when under stress as in when fighting a fish.

7/23/15 @ 2:03 PM
User since 1/11/11
First off, extreme heat can change the properties of carbon. If stored in hot areas you need to make sure the rod isn't bent or flexed when stored, or it will keep that bend. Cold is not an issue.

As to the tangling issue, buy some mesh rod gloves. Put the rod glove over the rod while it is assembled, then simply disassemble the rod and store it. When you are ready to fish, assemble the rod, remove the glove and you're good to go.

7/17/15 @ 5:18 PM
User since 2/1/06
This is how I transport my reels....I wouldn't want them left in the heat, this provides an easy way to take them in with can even be locked with a small pad lock.

7/17/15 @ 10:14 AM
'da Coach
'da Coach
User since 12/23/08
Other posters have already listed good rod-protection options, so all you have to do now is try one or more and see what you lke best. I keep several rods in my car at all times and use Rod Slicks to keep them from getting tangled, and neoprene reel covers to protect the reels.

Re the heat & cold, probably the biggest challenge you are gonna run into is line degradation if you're running mono or flouro; not so much if you go with braid.

If you find your stuff getting all banged up in the car, the solution is pretty straightforward: Don't do that. Pad them somehow; other than that, you'll probably be fine.

7/13/15 @ 7:57 AM
User since 12/22/04
in the boat, you have to have rod socks. Nearly any style will work

7/12/15 @ 2:30 PM
MEMBER since 2/16/04
You're way ahead of most guys already, using velcro strips to hold rod sections together. Rods seem to get in fights when I'm not looking, but it's all part of fishing. The new light weight synthetic lines can be a real nightmare to keep apart. Saw "socks" on sale at fleet and the more superline rods I set up, the more attractive they look as a solution. Maybe you could cut the long synthetic sleeves in half and use them that way. Keep your rods in the car if it works for you. Anything that works toward getting your lines wet more often is a step in the right direction.

7/11/15 @ 9:23 PM
MEMBER since 10/18/07
I use Stick Jacket and keep 12 rods in each rod locker and have no problem with tangling.

7/10/15 @ 11:03 AM
User since 12/22/04
here is outfit that does custom rod cases in case anyone is crazy like me:

7/10/15 @ 11:00 AM
User since 12/22/04
I keep my steelhead gear in my truck about half the time...same issue since it is 10'6" long. I got a nice rod case that lets you keep the reel attached so you dont have to restring it.

I had a custom one made for my steelhead rod, but for standard bass fishing gear you should be able to find something like this.

If you keep the lure on reel, I would suggest a lure wrap as well or it will hook inside of case which is annoying.

I think UV is what kills mono more than a case will prevent that from happening.

7/10/15 @ 5:35 AM
MEMBER since 7/9/12
I think I have your solution, The Pocket Fisherman!!!!!!!!

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