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Backlashless Baitcaster

1/27/20 @ 11:23 PM
Timmothy A
MEMBER since 5/17/09

I'm looking for a baitcaster that will not produce a backlash.  It's for my daughter who is a special needs young lady who is not capable of properly throwing a baitcaster.   She will be fishing for Esox.  There's no way she can thumb the reel and she does not cast with a consistent result everytime with her spincast.  Some casts will be perfect.  Some casts will not be, like landing 10 ft from the boat in a big splash with a poorly timed release of the button.  She does not throw with a lot of power, so the brake will have to be pretty loose so she gets some distance, but I'm not looking for her to be able to throw a mile.  She's going to be throwing smallish musky/pike lures on 65# braid like the typical Buchertail, 5" crank baits, and topwater sized like the Dr. Evil, sizes that she can handle yet give her a chance to hook some esox and not be screwed by a poor drag system.  It needs a 30+" retrieval intake because she reels slowly.  Maybe what I want does not exist, though I think the Shimano Tatula Slx Dc maybe a candidate (Kastking and Shakespeare have products that may fit this criteria but the reviews are terrible).  Obviously the rod will have to have pretty fast action to give her some whip action and not be too long and hard to handle.  That I can dial in, but advice on that is welcome as well.  The main thing is finding a baitcaster that she can throw with success every time like she can a spincast, as in not make a mess of the line on the reel.  Budget isn't a big issue, this is a long term investment.  Thanks in advance.  

1/29/20 @ 8:18 AM
User since 1/12/09

my dad had a big zebco reel on this musky rod.  i think it was a 707 model or 777 maybe.  something like that anyway.  would possibly be a better option then a baitcaster.  abu ambassador made a anti backlash device on some reels at least back in the 90s they did.  i want to say it involved running the line though a flip up piece on the reel.  seems like it altered cast distance to much that it was rarely used, but might also be worth looking into.

abu 6600ab on ebay with a quick look, but not sure how well they work.

1/29/20 @ 3:50 AM
User since 6/25/02

I would stay away from spinning reels.  The first time the bail snaps shut accidentally during the cast you will either lose the bait or the rod/ reel or even worse the lure will swing back and hit her in the face.

Go with a larger bass reel so it fits her hands and adjust the magnets AND the brake adjustment to get the greatest distance.  With a slightly longer rod with a softer tip the rod will load and she will be able to generate more speed at the tip. She won’t be able to cast far with a short rod.  (It is all about mechanical advantage of a 3rd class lever) Sorry science teacher in me popping out.??

1/28/20 @ 9:24 PM
Timmothy A
MEMBER since 5/17/09

Interesting ideas.  I think the Curado DC seems like a good candidate for a reel designed to minimize backlash and with the less line on the spool trick I think it might just work.  I watched Lee Tauchen test it and he didn't thumb it at all and casted into the wind with no problems.  He was throwing harder than Maddy will, and she tends to rainbow once and awhile.  I would have liked to see him do a few weak rainbow casts. The neat thing is if I get this to work for my daughter, maybe my Mom can use it too. 

These jumbo you put braided line on them? 

1/28/20 @ 10:13 AM
MEMBER since 6/15/01

was going to suggest spinning gear, but Buydontselle beat me to it.. 

I also think the tape is a neat idea

good luck!

1/28/20 @ 9:15 AM
User since 6/12/10

I haven't found any baitcaster that I don't get an occasional backlash with, so my comments might not help for you.

My thought for your situation is that you want to adjust the brakes so the lure has a lot more resistance.  Almost max it out if you have to.  You will definitely lose a good amount of casting distance, but at least the line will be in the water rather than dealing with a rat nest of backlash every cast.  A 25 foot cast is better than a mess of line.  Once she starts to get comfortable casting with a baitcaster then maybe take a little bit of resistance off the brake and see if she can do it.  I'm thinking she just needs some practice using the new reel and dealing with the backlash every cast isn't helping her get familiar with a new style of fishing.

I like my Abu Revo S for bass and pike.  I bought it a few years ago after using only cheap baitcasters and it's been way better than I anticipated.  I rarely get a backlash and it's easy to adjust with only one brake adjustment rather than 2 or 3 separate adjustments like on some reels.  I have it on a 7' med/hvy rod and can cast anything from 1/4 ounce jigs for bass all the way to 2-3 oz spinner baits for pike.  That should be enough for what you want to throw.  I don't think you should go with a large musky size combo as it's heavier equipment than needed for this situation.

I know people that have been fishing 50+ years that still don't know how to use a baitcaster.  It takes a lot of practice to get good with and I hope you can figure it out.

1/28/20 @ 8:04 AM
User since 6/10/17

Have you ever thought about just using a larger sized open bail spin-cast reel for Musky/Larger Esox fishing? I have buddies that will refuse to use baitcasters (cause they won't take time to learn...) and they use big spin-cast reels and seem to do just fine. 

I like the idea of only have 50-100 yards of line on the spool. That could potentially help... At least you are throwing larger baits. Wayyy less potential for backlash in those situations but when you do its usually bad! 

1/28/20 @ 7:09 AM
Paranoid Percher
User since 8/19/18

your best bet would be when you spool up put tape on the spool so you have 50 yards or so nno need to worry about backlashes

1/28/20 @ 5:27 AM
User since 12/22/04

any bait caster will work with properly set brakes.   The trick is one with strong enough brake system so lure does not free fall since you stated she is unable to thumb spool.   My old Abu Garcia 5600 C4 was every easy to use reel that had higher retrieve rate. With 80lb power pro, it was pretty difficult to backlash   

I have since moved to low profile reels like revo toro which is next price point up.  

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