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Any get a 1/2 ton Ram EcoDiesel yet?

10/26/14 @ 5:58 PM
Brian Hammarsten
User since 4/5/10
Has anyone picked up a new Ram 1/2 ton truck with the diesel engine in it? If so, interested to see what you think about towing, and what kind of mpg your seeing when towing a trailer.

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5/9/16 @ 11:49 AM
User since 6/30/15

Here is an update -- I got the boat out and pulled it a total of 60 miles on curvy, hilly 55mph country roads. The truck showed that I was getting 16.5 mpg. The truck pulled it great. The 8-speed transmission I think is what made it great. The old Hemi I had in a 2010 would scream when climbing hills. This truck makes a shift and only gains a few hundred RPM and climbs hills easily. I was watching the gear indicator and it seemed that at 60mph the truck would remain in 7th gear in tow/haul mode. I have read that if on the highway at highway speeds the truck will shift in to 8th gear. All in all I am extremely satisfied with the 8 spd/ecodiesel performance.

4/7/16 @ 12:49 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12
I too am interested in what these smaller diesels are doing. Be it he Ram Eco Diesel, or the new Colorado Diesel. Been a Ford guy all my life, and can't really see myself switching from an F350 Crew Cab long box PowerStroke, but hey what are these new ones doing?

3/30/16 @ 8:47 PM
User since 5/17/15
A guy i work with got one. He had the transmission completely fail at 1600 miles. And he doesn't even tow with it!

3/30/16 @ 11:48 AM
User since 6/30/15
I got my Ecodiesel last fall. I have only pulled the boat (Alumacraft Competitor 175 with an E-tec 150) once and was more than happy. Ram did a good job mating the engine with the 8 speed tranny. For people that feel it is doggy - this is a diesel. I had the Hemi before this truck and the diesel does not have the snappy power of the Hemi but the low revving lugging power is amazing.

1/9/15 @ 1:50 PM
User since 2/15/10
now his head gasket went out pulling atvs on his ecoboost had to tow him home yesterday

1/8/15 @ 8:01 AM
User since 7/16/01
Central - I don't think I understand your comment. I own the F150 Ecoboost and it is anything but doggy. It will compete with the best of the 1/2 ton motors out there, and I have driven most of them. Pulling 6000-8000#'s is not an issue, and certainly not a smaller aluminum boat. Did I miss-read something?

My brother has the small diesel in the jeep cherokee. I am not sure if it is the same motor or not, but for a daily driver is seems really nice. He bought it in Nov, so he has not hook his boat up to it yet.

1/7/15 @ 7:37 PM
User since 2/15/10
i think it will struggle with it like my buddies ecoboost did with a 16.5 alumacraft. if you were driving it as you every day driver it would probably be great but if you are pulling a fairly decent sized boat with it. it will struggle in the long run.

1/5/15 @ 5:45 PM
User since 5/23/12
I haven't ridden in the truck yet but looked at my buddies. He got it in the beginning of dec. He is getting about 28 mpg on the highway. He has pulled 2 four wheelers but that is it. He thinks its pretty doggy. Hes Not to sure how well its going to pull his 19 ft fiberglass pleasure boat.

1/5/15 @ 11:36 AM
User since 2/15/10
test drove one and thought it was kinda doggy compared to my old 02 silverado. ill probably go with another regular cab base model silverado since it is going on 300,000 miles

10/27/14 @ 12:07 PM
User since 1/27/04
Nope but just got a 2500 Heavy Duty with 5.7 Hemi. Get about 14MPG towing with it.

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